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Packing Supplies: Should You Buy or Should You Recycle?


The decision of whether to buy new or recycled packing supplies depends on the following factors.

Availability of the boxes

If you can get high quality recycled boxes, then it is recommended to go for recycled boxes. Before using the boxes, make sure that they are free of any mold infestation.

Type of moving

If you are moving out of the country, take care whilst selecting used boxes. There is a risk of having bug or mold infestations in case of used boxes.

If your box is detected with bug infestation whilst shipping, it will be outright rejected. Hence, for international moving, it is recommended to use either new boxes or new boxes made of recycled material rather than used boxes.

Environment concern

To let the future generations enjoy a clean environment, it is essential to reduce the waste. Hence, it is a good idea to use boxes made of recycled materials.

Type of items being packed

For packing very fragile items or precious items, use new boxes to avoid the risk of damage due to damaged used boxes. If you are using new boxes made of recycle material, check the strength of the box twice before loading.

Budget issues

If you are on low budget and wish to save on moving costs, go for used boxes or boxes made of recycled material. However, check that the boxes are of high quality and are free of bugs to avoid damage of the items.

To the maximum possible extent, it is recommended to use recycled boxes to make your moving environment friendly.


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