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How to Make an Organized Packing and Unpacking during a Move


Packing might be the most tedious part of moving but if done right it will also make things easier for you. The secret to it really is starting early and planning ahead as well. With much time in your hands you will be able to think of all the things you need to pack and the things you need to prepare.

To prepare for packing, first assess your things and list down all the things you have to bring. This will allow you to know and plan what packing materials you will need as well. Then get all the appropriate boxes needed, packing tapes, extra newsprints, cleaning clothing, bubble wraps, and other packing materials.

Plan how you would label the boxes as well. Organize a code that will signify the room it will go to and the priority number of unpacking the boxes. Each box should also indicate the contents of each box.

This will guide the movers where each box needs to go. This will avoid you from having to lug them around and even end up scratching the floors. You will also know which boxes contain the most essential items in your home so you will be able to unpack them first.

Of course, in packing box the items that you need the least and box those you need most last. Each person in your family should also have his own essential box so you would not have to rummage through boxes during the trip and on the first day of your arrival. By following these tips, you will be able to have a more relaxed and less stressful move.


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