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6 Big No-No's in Self Storage Units


You are about to move to your new house but you need to clear up your old house for selling. You can't use your new house because it's not yet yours. For instances that you need a place to store your things, a self storage unit is always there to the rescue.

However, a self storage unit will not be your superhero if you are planning to store these six usually prohibited things in self storage units:

1.    Animals. It is very cruel to store animals-they might die.

2.    Firearms/ammunition.

In case of fire, these things can possibly explode and put people at risk.

3.    Flammable liquids. Self storage units are not the proper place to store these liquids. Worse, these might cause fire and explosion.

4.    Perishable items.

Once these items got perished, they will leave a foul smell that might affect other things store in the unit.

5.    Hazardous waste. Self storage unit owners protect their business and part of doing that is protecting people. Storing hazardous waste inside the units will endanger people.

6.    Illegal items. Not only the owner but the law prohibits storing and owning illegal items in any place.

Better check with your local self storage unit owner for the things that they prohibit storing in the units. Abide to these rules if you don't want to get in trouble and most importantly, if you want to store your items in there.


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