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Unpacking 101


The best way to enjoy a new house or apartment that you've just moved into is to be able to get settled immediately and do away with all the unpacking duties. But of course, unpacking is no easy task, especially if you packed the wrong way.

Of course, for unpacking to be effective, you need to look first at the packing you do. One of the tips you would do well to follow would be to pack per room so that when you unpack, it won't be a mess of a hodgepodge of things that belong to multiple places in the house.

Labeling and inventory is also a very important aspect of packing that will make the unpacking much smoother and more efficient.

You need to make an inventory based on the boxes and the rooms they belong to.

You should know not only which room a box belongs to, but also the contents. This may seem tedious, but there is no better way to accurately account for all your things when you move.

Also pack the breakable items with care - use generous amounts of packing peanuts and bubble wrap so your items have enough cushion to absorb the bumps and shocks the box they're in will sustain during transport and transit and handling.


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