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A Moving Guide for First Timers

What's especially important for first timers to be able to allot a lot of time before the move to plan everything. Since you are inexperienced in moving, you need more time to prepare and get everything ready and look for possible mistakes in your planning. Also, don not be afraid to ask for the inputs and opinions not only of the people whom the move will affect, but also probably friends and other relatives who might have prior experience with moving. They can give you valuable advice on the matter.
Based on the plan, set a time table for all the important tasks you need to do, such as researching and attending to the logistics - referring to setting appointments with movers, and so on - packing, etc. You also need to stick to the schedule so that there are less hang-ups and problems as moving day approaches.
Budget is another major consideration that first timers should keep track off. Try to keep a balance between affordability and quality of service - meaning that it is not automatically good of it's cheap.  

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