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Off-Campus Student Apartment Move-in Check list


Finding an off-campus student apartment is exciting but at the same time confusing. As a busy student, you need to make sure that all your needs are available in the apartment you choose. So, before you pick any apartment, make sure you have this checklist handy.
    Check if there are enough electrical outlets for your computer and other electronic gadgets.
    Check if all the appliances are working properly. Make sure the fridge is cooling and the stove heats evenly.
    Check all the locks and doors.  Do they close/open smoothly?
    Check the faucet and shower in all the rooms to make sure there is good water pressure and the hot water is working.
    Listen to the noise levels in the apartment. Is it noisier in the evening?
    Check out the road systems and bus routes. This will give you an idea how long it will take you to reach destinations such as the school, gym and supermarket.
    Check if there are any laundry facilities. If they are not available, where is the nearest Laundromat?
    Is the area/vicinity safe? Check online and do some research about the crime rates in the area.
Once you are settled with your off-campus apartment, go over your rental agreement with a fine tooth comb before signing.  Document any damages before you move in and ask the landlord to have them repaired.  A little care and attention to details will help you get your off-campus apartment without problems.


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