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Pre-Empting Move-Related Stress


Are you looking towards the day of your move with dread? That's completely understandable, since relocation can be extremely stressful, what with your having to keep track of your things, supervise the movers, and take care of the other members of the family! You can reduce the strain of moving, however, by planning ahead. Here are some tips to do that:

Work out a timetable. Know what time a certain activity should begin, and what time it should be completed. But leave some allowance time. That way, you'll be able to stay on top of things without worrying needlessly.

Delegate and contract. Get as much help as you can from other members of the household. If a job is too big for any one or all of you to do, hire a professional.

Make sure the kids and pets are taken care of. If the young ones don't have a sibling old enough to be responsible for them, hire a sitter.

Prepare your things for loading into the truck beforehand, so that you won't need to scramble come moving day.

Make sure your sleeping arrangements in the place of your destination are already set.


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