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Top 6 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Neighbors who are Moving Away

Departing from neighbors is like departing from a relative or a dear friend. If you have neighbors who are about to relocate in a new city, you may feel the need to help them in order to make the moving process less-stressful. You may also consider sending some gifts to show how much you value your friendship.
When it's about time to bid your neighbor goodbye, sending these inexpensive gifts can be great ways to express your sincere appreciation.
Calling Cards - If you are better in talking than in writing, purchasing a long distance card will be a great gift idea. Chat like the old times and continue exchanging family recipes even when you're miles away from each other.
Plants - Give your neighbor a plant or a small tree for your neighbor to plant in her new garden which can also signify your long lasting friendship.
Doormats - A personalized doormat will always remind your neighbors of your thoughtfulness.
Address Book - An address book with all the neighbors' details on it will surely come handy when your neighbor notifies everyone about the transition.
Picnic Basket - If your neighbors are moving long distance, a nice picnic basket filled with all your friend's favorite goodies will keep them stuffed throughout the trip.
Gift Certificates - The family may be too busy or too tired to cook after the move. A pizza or a fast food coupon at hand can be real life savers in those exhausting moments.


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