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Guide on What to Unpack First and Last

There are as many things to unpack as you have packed. And so, if you were overwhelmed with the amount of things to pack, you would most likely feel the same when you get to your new home. The trick is to take things a step at a time. To have all essential things accessible you should know what to unpack first.
For instance, the bed and linen are among the first things you should unpack so you can rest when you need to. You should also unpack the kitchen first since you would need to eat during the day. With pots, pans and kitchen appliances setup, you will be able to prepare meals when you need to. You won't need to order out anymore.
The bathroom is also quite important since you also need to freshen up after doing all the unpacking. Set up the bathroom by putting the shower curtains and the towels out.
Before you move to other items, plan the layout of the furniture so they can be arranged accordingly. At least you would not have big items scattered around. They would be in order so you will be comfortable in your home a bit.
Among the last rooms to unpack is the garage. This is especially so since it is where you usually store all excess items. Make sure you put some shelves there to make it in order. You have wait for the finishing touches such as hanging pictures and putting decorative items until everything is unpacked already.


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