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Size and Number of Boxes to Use

Boxes are very important to have when packing your things during times of home move. They basically keep your items organized, categorized and safe from damages. Since your belongings differ from classes to sizes, you need to have a variety of boxes. This means you should have different sizes of boxes to use.

Small items such as nail cutters, cotton buds and other skin care or body items must be stored in one small box. Other hygiene products that are fluids like perfumes and lotions must be separated in another box. Larger ones like plates, bowls and platters should be kept in a wider box. These are only examples on how you can distinguish the right sizes of boxes to use when packing your things. Just be sure items are grouped according to classes and uses. Do not mix food products to hygiene items. Otherwise, you are putting your own health at risk in this case.

For clothes and accessories, you should keep them in the largest size of a box. All of your apparels should be put in one box so you can just easily pack and unpack them. You might only need to have more than one box if you need to separate your clothes from your family's clothes.

Appliances, electronic gadgets and other household items that are valuable and easy to break should be stored in larger boxes too. You should wrap them each with bubble wrapper to assure protection from scratches and damages.


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