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What to Do When Moving On Short Notice

Supposed you have to move out in two weeks due to unexpected circumstances. Do you simply cram your stuff on their way to the boxes? This is definitely not the best way to pack. Stay calm and create a strategy to move out quickly and efficiently. Time spent in panic is time wasted. So follow these simple tips so you can be on your way to moving into a new home. 
Put all your necessities in a carry bag
Necessities include a dish, fork, knife and a pan. You will also have to pack a few pairs of work and casual clothing. Packing these items first can save your from rummaging through boxes when unpacking.
 Group similar items
Gather similar items where you have the largest stock of them. For instance, if most of your books are in the living room, start stacking your books there. Grouping similar items together makes the packing more systematic and neat. You can also pack the items by room.
Gather packing materials
Now that your items are grouped, you will need sufficient supply of packing materials. You don't have to beg at supermarkets or spend a fortune buying brand new cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Major department stores get shipments everyday and have separate dumpsters for boxes and bubble wrap. Try to get as many boxes as you can, but be sure that they are all of the same size to make the stacking easier.
When you subcategorize, be sure to divide into three groups maximum. For clothing, you may use winter, summer, transitional or casual, formal and work. If you can manage without subcategorizing, that is much better.  


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