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5 Kitchen Packing Suggestions and Tips

Packing the kitchen is a mammoth task. This part of the house has plenty of tricky things to pack, from awkwardly shaped pots to delicate china ware. Many of them require special packing techniques and boxes too. Luckily, you can ease this process by learning the basics of efficient packing. The following tips should help you pack the kitchen with less stress and delay.
Start with an essentials box
The essentials box holds kitchen items that you need to endure the first few days in the new home. This may include plates, knife, pots, pans, pasta sauce, butter, cleaning solution and a sponge, a can opener, match box and an emergency tool kit.
Gather packing supplies in varying sizes
You will need boxes in small, medium and large sizes. Also purchase packing tapes, a pair of scissors, bubble wrap, plastic bags and markers.
Buy specialty boxes
Items such as china ware, cups and mugs must be enclosed in specialty boxes to ensure protection and support. Appliances such as the oven, stove and refrigerator are best kept in their original boxes together with their Styrofoam frames.
Get rid of canned and frozen goods
These items not only add weight to your boxes, but increase the risk of damages as well. When frozen food items melt, the moist weakens the boxes, causing items to fall off the box.
Leave the antiques to the pros
If you have antique kitchen items that you can't risk getting damaged, consider hiring the expertise of professional movers. They have all the skills and equipment needed to efficiently pack and transport such delicate stuff.


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