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Getting Your Kids Ready for the Move

So everything is packed and you are all set for your move. However, you have addressed the fact that you need to talk to your children about this as well. Infants and toddlers and normally okay with the move because they are too young to even notice it. But they can sense when you are stressed so they too, will be uncomfortable. It is important to always keep your cool while moving. For preschoolers, you have to make sure that all of their things are packed. While you are in the trip, you can help relax them by reading them a book.
School aged children will take the move a lot easier when you get them involved in the process as much as possible. You can ask their help for to pack small things and you can also  ask them to help you check the things that you had packed. It is also important to acquaint them with their new school early so the transfer may be very traumatic for them. For teenagers, moving may be hard for them because of their social relationships but you can always tell them that they can make new friends while keeping the communication open with the old ones.


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