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Handy Tips for the Best Way to Pack of Your Things

Moving from one place to another can be a difficult task. Although we are all excited when it comes to changing our address there are some things we have to deal with before we can enjoy our new home. There are basically two steps in moving - packing and unpacking. In order to be quick and efficient when the time comes to unpack our things we have to pay proper attention when packing. In this article we are going to show you how important it is to pack your things the right way, so that nothing gets lost or broken.

First: There are some items such as collectables and artwork which are difficult to be wrapped and placed in a box. At the same time if you don't do it right they might get broken. This is why you should pay extra attention when packing these items. In order to avoid damages you'd better use bubble wrap. Have in mind that bubble wrap is one of the most important supplies when you're moving. Wrap each item separately and place in it a box. Fill the gaps with some old newspaper or magazine pages or even some more bubble wrap.

Second: Another tricky part when you're packing is the kitchenware. You already know why - most of the things are fragile. The key again is the bubble wrap. Wrap all the dishes and other breakables separately and put layers of bubble wrap between them. Remember; put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box. Place the breakable items in one box and the non-breakable in another. You can also pick up the things you are going to need in the first days when you're already in your new home and place them in a separate box.

Third: When you're packing your appliances you should make sure the box you're using is secured and the bottom is not damaged. You may also tape it just in case. Put some padding on it and start placing the items. Wrap each item with clothes or linens, so that it doesn't get broken. Put the small appliances in one box and the big ones in another.
When you're packing big appliances it is good if you keep your user manuals. This way you can disassemble them and put them in a box. You should also have in mind that the small parts get easily lost so you'd better tape them to the box. After you've finished you can wrap the appliance with some padding.
Fourth: When you're packing your electronic equipment it is best if you use the original boxes together with the original packing materials. If you keep them it is quite easy to finish this step. If not, again here comes our best friend in packing - the bubble wrap. Wrap each part of the item separately. Once you're finished put the item in a box that you have secured in the above-mentioned way.

Fifth: Moving furniture is a tough job, too. In order to make it easier for yourself you should (if you are able to, of course) take your furniture apart. This way it goes in the truck without as much trouble as if you try to move the whole thing. So once you've taken the furniture apart make sure you keep all the small items such as bolts together. Also, put some bubble wrap where there are exposed parts that may get damaged.

Sixth:  After you've done the hard part you can now start packing your clothes. You can either fold them and place them into boxes or you can just move them on hangers straight from the closet.

Seventh: The books are also easy to be transported. Put as many as you can in one box and if there are some gaps left, fill them with some crumpled paper.


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