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Finished with Your Move? Know Which Items to Unpack First to Keep Things Organized

If there's one thing that a lot of people both dread and look forward to, it's none other than having to move. The experience is something to look forward to because changing residences will give you a chance to start a new life at an entirely new place. The people who you will meet and the experiences that you will earn along the way are other things to look forward to.
On the other hand, moving is also something that a lot of people dread. It's not so much as not wanting to be uprooted from their current address - but it's more about the 1,0001 small and big details involved in planning a move. The minute that you confirm when your move date is, that is when you should start buying packing supplies and organizing your things. You would not want to bring into your new home the trash that you accumulated after years of living in your current residence. As such, it pays to organize things in a neat pile and know which items you can throw away, donate or sell in a garage sale.
You should also make sure to book the services of a removals company in advance. Depending on the budget that you have, you can either hire the company only for the move; or get them to do everything starting from the packing to unpacking. 
Know Which Items to Unpack First after a Move
Let's say that you have decided to only hire the removals company for the main move. As soon as the services are paid for and all the boxes have been accounted for, it is entirely up to you to unpack your things at your new house.
It may take a few days or even weeks before you can finally open up all the boxes, get settled in and organize all your things. So what are you supposed to do in the meantime to go through your daily routine? Which items should you unpack first after a move? Here are a few tips:
   Open the box   which says "Open first."
During the packing process, you should have set aside a box which includes all your essentials. Each family member should have one, or you can organize the box for the entire family. The "Open first" box should contain kitchen utensils, bathroom items and beddings. Don't include any unnecessary knickknacks - just include all the things that you'd need to survive in a not-yet-fully-furnished house for a week or so.
   The next boxes to open.
Next, open the box containing your kitchen supplies. The quicker that you get your kitchen organized, the sooner you can go back to enjoying home-cooked meals. Make each family member responsible for unpacking the boxes for their own rooms. Then, you can proceed to unpacking the boxes for your living room, master's bedroom, kid's bedroom, etc.
By knowing which boxes to unpack first after a move, you can settle in much more quickly and start afresh with your life at your new home.


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