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Take Your Pick from Different Types of Removals Services

Families are bound to move at one point or another in their lives. Offices could transfer locations and have to transfer all the supplies onto a new address. Couples with growing kids or couples whose kids already moved out may have to upgrade or downgrade their homes eventually. In all of these instances, the services of movers would be required. The good news is that unlike back in the days when it seemed as if most states only have a few removals companies who charge astronomical fees for moving services, there are plenty of options for moving these days. Read on to find out which types of removals services you can take advantage of. 
Types of Removals Services Available for You
Basically, there are a few things that you need to consider when planning a move and deciding which type of removals service provider to go with. How many boxes would have to be transferred from an old address to a new one? What is your budget for the move? How quick does the transport process have to be? Do you have a lot of big furniture pieces, or do you only own a few boxes of stuff in your small apartment? Will you be moving within the state, or out of state? Based on your answers to these questions, here are the types of removals services available for you:
   Full Service Move
Typically offered by big removals companies, a full service move includes professional packing and unpacking services. As such, the movers will be with you every step of the way. Some companies may even offer free use of their wardrobe boxes while packing; or give you free packaging supplies.
   Loading & Unloading Services
If you would like to pack your possessions by yourself and you do not know of someone who can lend you a truck or a van to help move your things, you can go for this option. The removals company will basically send movers to go to your house, lift the boxes and carry them to the truck - then transport your things to the new address and unload them. They will not be responsible for packing and unpacking the boxes.
   Commercial Move
Office managers who need to transfer their place of business might need a commercial move. For this, the movers would have to transport your furniture pieces, business equipment, stocks and records to the new address.
   In-House Move
If you are planning a major renovation and there are big furniture pieces to be lifted and moved around, this is the type of service that you need.
   Man-and-Van Services
For small moves, you can hire man-and-van services providers. This usually includes just the driver and maybe one or two movers who will transport your things using a moving truck or van.
As you can see, there is a type of removals service which should suit your moving needs. Choose one which works best for your budget and the number of boxes that you need to transport from one point to another.


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