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Packing Your Bedroom

When you pack for a move, you should know that each room has specific packing needs, because each room is unique. Before you start packing your bedroom, gather your packing material nearby: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, shrink wrap, etc. Prepare some markers for labeling the bedroom boxes. Of course not all items can be packed straight away. Some pieces of furniture will be needed until before you leave. However, pack as much as possible before the actual moving day, to avoid the stress and rush in the last minute. An ordinary bedroom includes some or all of the following items: a bed, book shelves, a desk with a chair, lamps, a wardrobe with clothing, shoes and linen, books and electronics. It's better to start with the easiest items for packing - all of your belongings which easily go in a cardboard box. These include small electronics, clothing and books. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes which will be able to hold their weight. It is quite simple to pack books, since they don't require any specific packing paper - just arrange them in boxes and seal them. Packing clothing is also fairly simple - it can be placed in boxes or plastic sealable bags. For more expensive or formal clothing, which you want to be careful with, consider getting a few wardrobe boxes. They have metal bars inside which allow a neat arrangement of coats, shirts and dresses. The perfect moving boxes for clothing are medium-sized. You can roll up clothing, towel and linen to save some space. You can pack table lamps in the regular moving boxes or buy special lamp boxes. Protect them with bubble wrap and enough cushioning. Prepare a box for your bedroom electronics and put cables, chargers and other parts in the same box. If you pack computer monitors and televisions, leave their boxes open for an inspection from the movers. It is best to pack them in their original boxes, but if you don't have them a flat cardboard box would do as well. Only after you are sure that your items are packed securely, seal the boxes. Even if you want to pack your bedroom faster and move to the next room, rushing won't give good results. Empty the dressers, night stands and cabinets before wrapping and moving them. Most dressers are too heavy to be moved when filled up with things. Leave all the furniture to the movers - they should blanket wrap it or shrink wrap it. Before you start disassembling your furniture (beds, standing book cases and cabinets) talk to the movers. If they can easily move your furniture without taking it apart, then there is no need for wrapping each part individually. The last thing to pack is your bed, as you will need to sleep in it the night before the move. Get up as early as possible to have the time to wrap it and load it in the truck. Make sure you have a mattress bag for the mattress to keep it clean. Remember that you will need your bed set up for the first night at your new place, so the bedroom belongings will be needed along with that too. If you have any glass furniture, it needs to be all bubble wrapped and protected. Packing your bedroom is one of the easiest parts of your home, so make it quick and organized.


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