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You Wish to Rent a Serviced Apartment? Here is Some Useful Information

Buying an empty apartment gives you the ultimate freedom design your new space on your own, based on your own taste, style and preferences. This is a great option for those who want to rest at a place where they feel entirely at home. It is also a good idea for anyone who already has lots of furniture and equipment and would like to use it. This option, however, often comes with a serious price, because bare apartments entail buying furniture and appliances, decorating, painting and so on. This, of course, can be a fun activity for people who have a flexible budget, free time and plenty of ideas, but for those who lack the finances, time and creativity, this can be a true disaster and a very overwhelming task. In this case renting a serviced apartment becomes much more practical and easily accomplished.

Serviced apartments are housing areas which come with complete furnishing and are ready to move in. The monthly rent could often be more expensive than the usual rent for a bare apartment, but is often worth it, considering the amount of money one would have to pay for the entire furniture. All of that furniture may as well become useless after the lease is over, or it will require lots of money and effort to be packed and moved. You should be warned, though, that those serviced spaces are not the best option for everyone. When it comes to a long-term lease, especially, you may end up spending more than your initially planned budget for the rent. Renting such apartment is mostly recommended for tenants who do not intend to stay for too long. This option is therefore best for:

1. Students - those who become exchange students and travel a lot usually rent a serviced apartment. These students usually stay for a semester or two and then move somewhere else, especially if the cost of the rent gets higher. A fully furnished apartment is much more preferred by students than the typical dormitories - it is safer, bigger and offers better conditions for learning and concentration.

2. Travellers - their favorites are apartments with available facilities and amenities. Serviced apartments are not always as comfortable and nice as hotels, but offer a space to stay, a kitchen and a shower, which is what most tourists want anyway. The rent can be paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and it includes electricity, internet, water and use of all electric appliances.

3. Professionals on business trips - business trips often run over, which leaves the employees no other choice, but to stay longer. Businessmen can secure a short-term lease at a serviced apartment and then extend it if they need to. This is much easier than staying in a hotel, where you may not have that opportunity. Many landlords even offer discounts to tenants who stay for longer.
Hotel accommodations and holiday rentals are rather expensive in comparison to a serviced apartment, even though the facilities and services are usually almost the same. But unlike hotel rooms, furnished apartments provide more space, which includes a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen and cozy bedrooms. Tenants have the opportunity to cook their own food, which saves them money on eating out all the time. Any issues or needs you have can be discussed with the landlord, even though there is no room service.


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