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Top Packing Materials For Storage Needs

When it comes to storage or packing for a move, one quickly realizes that packing materials are more important than everything else that's going on during the process. Having the right packing material and knowing how to use it properly is critical to a safe packing. Valuables, clothes, collectibles, antiques or appliances: no matter the item, there is a way to wrap and pack it properly for a short or long term storage or for a short or long distance move. The right packing materials will guarantee that your items stay safe, don't fall apart or get scratched or damaged. Don't use your old carton boxes, because they might not be sturdy enough. The packing material should protect your items from dust, moisture and damage during transportation. Here is a list of the essential packing materials and supplies you need when you store items:

Mattress Cover
They are polyethylene-made and that offer durability and protection. Their general use is for matresses, but can also be used for sofas and other furniture. They allow an easy access to the item and repel dust.

Paper Blanket
Paper blankets are generally 5 ply and are used for wrapping tables and chairs, protecting them from scratches and damage during transportation or storage.

Bubble Wrap
It is one of the ultimate must have packing materials these days. Its popularity is due to the convenience, versatility and usefulness for all sorts of items. Anything wrapped in bubble wrap gets protected for a travel or carrying. For storage, bubble wrap is quite useful, protecting the whole item from dust and moisture. It is also quite affordable to buy bubble wrap in bulk.

Shrink Wrap

This is another popular and commonly used packing material. It provides am extremely tight protection and is used for furniture and kitchen appliances. It is an effective material, which doesn't require many skills. Wrapping an item in shrink wrap will secure its protection from dust, sun or moisture.

Adhesive Tape
It is also an essential packing item, which holds down items, keeps their parts together and secures moving boxes and covers.

Gaffer Tapes
They are sticky and quite strong and come in handy when the normal adhesive tape is simply not strong enough to tape down boxes and items. These tapes are also used for holding together electric wires.

Archive Boxes
They are sturdier and bigger than the regular carton boxes and can be used for storing items too.

Cardboard Boxes
They are essential both for storage and for transporting goods. They are used for all sorts of storage, because they are sturdy and come in different sizes. They can even be found for free in grocery shops or retails shops. The boxes of electronic appliances are also very good quality.

Void Fill
Materials which fill voids are also essential for storage, since every empty space inside a box can cause the item to move and crash or get scratched. These fills such as shredded paper, linen or newspapers are cheap, but extremely useful.

It is a great material when it comes to storage - it is cheap and it's literally everywhere in your house. It protects fragile items, but be careful how you use it, because its ink can also leave marks on china. Overall, newspaper offers a good level of protection and shouldn't be underestimated.

When you need to pack and wrap your items don't forget that you need to invest in the necessary packing material - this is the best way to prevent damage during storage.


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