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Setting up the Guest Bedroom

So you have a spare room in your house. You've considered all the alternatives - storage space, study, future nursery - and you've finally settled on turning the place into a guest bedroom. This is a particularly good idea if you have a big, spread out family and you enjoy frequent visits from them, or if you often welcome friends from out of town (or even from other countries). It is also useful, if there are going to be more people moving in in the future. Moreover, when a guest room isn't used for its original purpose, it can be a very convenient storage room, or even serve as a workspace. So, once you've decided that this is the right addition to your home, where do you go from here? This article outlines the basics of setting up a comfortable, if basic, guest room, which can double up as anything you need it to be, when it isn't inhabited by guests.

The guest bedroom is generally supposed to be simple. While it's still a part of your home, it isn't really your room - you're not going to be sleeping in it or spending a lot of time in it, your guests are. This means that you should treat this space more like a hotel room than anything else. 

It is probably a good idea to look up some design ideas, online and in magazines. The basic premise however, is pretty simple - keep it basic. Pastel colours are a good option for the walls - peach, eggshell, mint green, etc. It's best not to go for anything  that could potentially irritate sensitive eyes. You do not know the preferences of everyone that's going to be staying in the room.
Similarly, go with a basic furniture set - bed, nightstand, and dresser. You could probably get away with buying a pre-made set from a chain like Ikea. Some of these come with a second bed - this would be very useful if you need to accommodate more than one person. A soft chair might also be a good idea to give your visitors a feeling of comfort. 

The decoration in the room also doesn't have to be too sophisticated, but do try to create comfort for your guests. This would mean soft lighting - a hanging light or wall lamps can be used. Do not forget to put in a nightlight as well.

Warm colors are ideal for the décor as they create a feeling of comfort and homeliness.

Another key tip - do not leave the walls completely bare. While you want to keep the atmosphere basic, it's good to make your guests feel at ease. Some pretty, but don't go for anything too obtrusive.

A simple single-color rug and maybe a potted plant in the corner will complete the look of the room nicely.
If you arrange the furniture along the walls, this would make the room look more spacious and open. It would also free up a lot of space, meaning that the room could be used as storage for clothes, bedding, books or other unused items, while it isn't inhabited.

These are just a few helpful suggestions. They are not meant to cover the entire process of setting up a guest bedroom, but hopefully they will get you started on the right track and your spare room will be ready for visitors in no time at all.


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