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Ask The Pro: Packing Tips

I recently literally ran into an old friend of mine, who happens to have been working at a moving company for three years now. Of course, I cornered him and didn't let him go until he revealed some secrets of the profession.  

TIP #1: Packing can be learned
Yes, it does. And the best part of it - it's not necessary to learn it entirely of personal experience. So start reading about packing, and take any reasonable advice into account.

TIP #2: Household articles are easy to pack
Just put them in standard moving boxes. Don't forget to label every one of them!

TIP #3: Valuable items  - in a bank safe
Best you take all of your jewellery, money in cash, cheques, and valuable documents or papers and deposit it in a bank safe for a few days while you are relocating. Don't forget to take a certain amount in cash in your pocket to pay and tip (don't  forget that!) the movers, as well as to buy some food and refreshments for everyone who helps you relocate.

TIP #4: Lamps - pay special attention
First have the glass parts wrapped in bubble paper, then stuff the box with wrapping paper or old newspapers, so the parts of the lamp don't move inside the box.

TIP # 5: Dishes - in dish-pack boxes
Make sure you have some. Don't forget to place some wrapping tissue in-between every  two dishes or glasses.

TIP #6: Books and folders - don't overload the boxes
Books and folders moving boxes are very handy to put them in. However, don't forget yourself! The fact all these books or folders fit in a single box doesn't mean all of them have to be in a single box! Weight the box before you have filled it. 40 kilograms is the absolute top weight.

TIP # 7: Electronics - best in original packing
If you don't have the original boxes you bought them in any more (which is a bad thing!), ask at the moving company for some. Companies usually have boxes for electronics in different sizes at stack.

TIP # 8: Furniture - disassemble first
In the process, write on every single peace where it belongs - that saves ages! Gather every screw, coupling or other small details for a certain furniture peace in a separate (labeled!) bag.

TIP # 9: Clothes - in wardrobe boxes
Wardrobe boxes are also a huge time-saver. You take the clothes of the wardrobe and in the box. No folding, no sorting. Nice, huh?

TIP # 10: Bottles and liquids are to be labeled specially
Put them in special boxes for bottles or smaller but tightly holstered boxes, and label properly with "fragile" and especially "this side up".

TIP # 11: Plants - don't water them!
Don't water them on the day before and on moving day. That makes them difficult to transport. Pay special attention not to leave the plants in the vehicle too long. Plants are extremely sensitive to heat, cold, darkness and direct sunlight, so just keep them inside as long as possible.

TIP # 12: Piano - the movers horror
Wrap the instrument in a soft cover. And stay out of the way of the pros!

TIP # 13: Pets - let them stay with a friend
Really, you don't need the additional trouble with a stressed pet on moving day - you have more than enough stress on your own.

TIP # 14: Leave most of the job to the pros!
No comment on that one.


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