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Moving to Notting Hill: Cleaning Chores For Your New Home

Widely regarded as one of the most popular areas of England, Notting Hill is a much sought-after locality. Moving into a new house can be tiring enough as it is without adding a dirty and chaotic mess to the mix. To make the house move an enjoyable experience it is important to clean the house out completely before you move in so that you can unpack and settle in without having a mess to worry about. If you are open to the idea of hiring a cleaning crew to clear out the house for you, there really is no better option because you’ll save so much time and effort. However, if you are going to be cleaning yourself, use this checklist to get organised. Get the kitchen and the bathroom cleaned out and tidied before the rest of the house. You will have to make sure that the entire place is spic-and-span before you start moving your things in, but just in case you do get held up for some reason, it is important to have the kitchen and the bathroom readied.

These are the most essential parts of the home and will have to be organised and functional from the day you move in. Despite the fact that the kitchen is used daily and it is more or less cleaned every day, there are lots of sections that get neglected in the course of daily life. Shelves, racks, stands, hard-to-reach corners and high and low nooks get ignored over time and can collect a lot of dust, debris and grease. Use the opportunity of a completely empty kitchen to do a thorough deep cleaning before you move in. Wash and scrub every surface because once you put your utensils, gadgets, appliances and kitchenware in, the opportunity to deep clean won’t come by as easily.Remove anything that needs to be thrown away and then work on cleaning every surface of the kitchen, from the storage cupboards to the sink taps.

Things that can be replaced such as shelf covers and worn out fixtures should be changed so that when you can enjoy a fresh start in the house. Move on to the bathrooms once you are done with the kitchen. Make sure you use proper cleaning agents on the lavatory and the sink and also scrub down the tiled walls and any racks, shelves and other fixtures. Once the bathroom has been cleaned, use a wet mop to go over the floor and leave the windows open to allow everything enough time to dry out. Make sure you add an air-freshening product to the bathroom so that you can move into a home with sweet-smelling bathrooms. If you have a garage, attic or basement, clear these out once you’re done with the kitchen and bathrooms. It might seem like a surprising choice to make given that the rest of the house is still left, but since these are the places you’ll be storing more of your packed boxes during the unpacking process and after, it does make sense to deep clean them ahead of the relocation. If you’re having trouble organising the cleaning tasks remember this: You need to:•    Dust, mop and wipe every surface•    Run a vacuum cleaner over every surface•    Wet clean everything with a sponge and cleaning solution•    Then wipe everything with a sponge soaked in plain water to pick up any residue•    And finally, give everything enough time, air and sunlight to dry up properly. It may seem very basic spelt out like so, but that’s the general idea: to make it easy for you! Don’t get overwhelmed and do not lose focus; you only have so much time before you move into the new home so you should put it to good use.

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