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Moving Tips for Those Who Have a Wine Collection

There are many people who like to drink wine. No matter if it is red or white, the good wine always will be appreciated from the admirers. It is called “the juice of Gods” and there are pretty good reasons for this to be like that.

  Wine makes people feel relaxed and help them lose the tension after a long working day. It is also good company for many meats and delicious food. It can actually find many uses in our life.

  There is a special group of people, who do not only love to drink it but also are glad to collect it in the winery. They always have very rear bottles, which were produced many years ago. These people will open it with pleasure for special friends and guests, or on very nice occasions.

  Usually those collectors have made very nice conditions in a room in their house for the wine to be stored and to be kept the best way possible for long time. This however does not mean, that there will not be a time for the wine collectors to feel the need or to be forced to move and change locations. And here comes the big question – How to move the dozens of bottles without damaging them or the wine inside?

  There are many professionals that will advice you best on the opportunities to do this safely and with lowest risk for your collection. There are some tips that will help you prepare yourself as well, which do not mean that you do not have to use special help, in case one is offered.

  The moving company, that will help you with the move, will advise you that the most important of all is the temperature of the wine in the bottles, and the area surrounding them. In this meaning the winter and the summer are the most extreme times of the year for moving a wine collection. The most important that you can do in this situation is to guarantee a transport, a camera or any other vehicle that will make and maintain steady temperature during the whole time of the trip from one place to another. For a red wine collection this will be degrees that are close to the average temperature in a living room. The white wine, on the other hand, requires low degrees and has to be kept in cool spaces.

  Do not skip the part with the insurance in any case. It will not be worth the economy and the money saved from this aspect of the moving process.

  The packing for the red or white wine collection is very special. It has nothing in common with the usual packaging. When you are using the services of a transporting company, they will supply you with all the necessary materials and will probably do the packing themselves. If you are very confident and would like to do the preparation alone, you will probably want to buy some special boxes that will have the bottles packed in them. They can be found and bought from the stores that offer wine or the professional packing stores.

  The shaking is inevitable during the house removal. It will probably happen to at least several of your bottles. When such thing is fact, you should wait at least several days, up to seven will be a proper period, and then open the bottles for consuming. When you decide to taste this wine earlier, you may be very disappointed, because when opened too soon it will turn out that it has lost its special flavor.

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