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How to Move to Bexley

You are fast approaching the day you move to your new home in Bexley. How do you make sure that everything goes to plan? Well you can’t know for sure that everything will go without a hitch but you can plan as much as you are able to and try to eliminate any issues.Are you going to manage the Bexley move by yourself or are you going to get a removal company in? You could do a combination of both, you do the packing but a moving company Bexley will come in and move all your items to your new home. Once you have decided on this you can then make a plan for the house. Take it room by room and decide what you are taking with you and what can go. Items that you no longer want or need can be donated to charity or thrown out. Make sure you make regular trips to the charity shop or the rubbish dump as you go along or you will end up having a lot of work to do near moving day. A few weeks before call up your service providers for your gas, electricity, phone, etc.

and inform them when you are moving. Also put it in writing with the date you will no longer be a resident at your current address. The week before you move then start packing up your belongings, starting with the least used items. Start with the loft space and work your way down, finishing with the kitchen. The day before you move you should be pretty much ready to go, only having those items you really need to get you through the day unpacked.  Make sure that the boxes have the room they belong in written or labelled clearly on them, the last thing you need to be doing is guessing where things go and then having to move boxes around again.On the day of the move then you should make a box up to take with you in your car, carrying essential items.

Put a kettle, bread, toaster, cups, tea bags, coffee, milk, spoons, butter, knife, toilet roll, hand towels, any essentials for children and/or pets together. Once you get to your new home you will be able to take stock with a cup of tea and a slice of toast before getting stuck in to the task at hand!Once you get to your new home then you will want to start, again, room by room. Get the boxes put into the right rooms then start removing things and putting them in a place, they don’t need to be put in a final settling place now, just get the boxes emptied. Once you have settled into your home you will more than likely want to move things around so don’t worry about everything being perfect in the first few days.  Start with the essential room of the kitchen, as you do need to eat at some point! Once you have done that then move on to the bathroom, it is smaller and won’t have as many items requiring unpacked. You will feel like you are getting somewhere when you get these two rooms done! You can then move on to the bedrooms, again start with the smaller one and work your way round. You shouldn’t worry about getting everything out, just make sure the bedding is on and few items are unpacked. Lastly there is the living room and perhaps dining room. These rooms tend to have the largest items of furniture so get them in place and don’t panic if you get up and not like where you have put them! It will take a few weeks to adjust to your new surroundings and you can move furniture around once you have settled in.

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