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Tips and Suggestions for Student Moving

Moving house as a student can be a daunting prospect for many young people. So as to make the process easier, here are some helpful tips and suggestions to make the transition of moving into a new student house run more smoothly and increase the cost effectiveness for the mover. There are several important points for students to remember when leaving an old house or moving into a new one.Before You Move OutGive yourself plenty of timeDon’t make the mistake of leaving all your packing until the last minute. Give yourself time to organise all of your essential possessions. It is easy to lose track of where you last put your stuff, whether you lent it to a mate or stored it elsewhere. It is surprisingly easy to lose your favourite mug or DVD in the general chaos of university life. Start wading your way through your stuff in plenty of time before your moving deadline so you can identify anything that may be missing.

If you know what is missing with lots of time before your move, you will have more time to locate it, which will decrease any stress you may feel as the moving date approaches.Pay your billsMake sure that any outstanding bills are paid before moving out. Bills that are left unpaid will often incur further charges taken straight from your bank account. Also, the new tenant moving into your house could run up large bills in your name for the power that they are using. The last thing any student wants is to be charged unnecessarily for something they have not done! Speak to your landlordGet in touch with your landlord before you leave your student house for good. Talk to them about receiving your deposit back and when this payment can be expected. Receiving your deposit is always a great bonus for an out-of-pocket student at the end of an academic year.

Also, don’t forget to return your keys. Many landlords will charge you hefty fees for lost keys, which is a largely avoidable expenditure.When You Move InInspect the property for damageThe first thing to do when moving into a new student house is take a good look around. Check every room for damage to the walls, furniture or appliances and report this information to the landlord as soon as possible. This is the only way to ensure that you will receive your deposit back when you eventually move out of the house. Landlords will assume that you have caused any damage to the property that wasn’t reported at the start of your tenancy.Get to know the houseMost student properties will come with some form of guidebook, which will inform you of any important information relating to the house. This information will include the location of the stop taps for water and gas and the fuse box for electricity. Certificates to prove the safety of all the appliances in the house should be included to give peace of mind to the tenant. Also, make sure to test any fire, carbon monoxide or security alarms when you move in. If you are unsure about any of this essential information, speak to your landlord as soon as possible. You do not want to be left in the dark or without gas and water!Get to know your neighboursGetting to know your neighbours is very important for students. Maintaining a good relationship with them will be very handy if you ever need to lend a cup of sugar or ask them to keep the noise down.

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