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What Size Removal Van is Right for you?

When moving house or flat, a growing number of people are choosing to rent a van and move their possessions themselves, as opposed to the traditional manner of hiring a specialist removals company. Renting a van will offer a greater deal of freedom than traditional methods, whilst at the same time helping to lower costs. The only expense is an increase in your own personal labour and effort. Despite the benefits, many people will struggle to assess their needs when it comes to choosing the correct size of vehicle. Here, we will break down the various options available to the typical customers, highlighting the pros and cons of the three main categories of vehicles, which are sorted by size.Small VansTypically, the smallest vans available will also be the cheapest. They will offer two regular and two panel doors, as well as an additional sliding door to provide access to the rear storage compartment. The front of the vehicle will appear as a regular car, but with the rear seats and boot replaced with around 3 metric cubes of storage space, serving a weight of 600 kilograms. There is space for two people, should you manage to convince a friend to help you out.     Smaller and more manoeuvrable, this is the perfect choice for those moving between flats and student accommodations.

Without the need to haul a large amount of furniture, this choice will allow you to quickly and easily transport your possessions. Due to the size of the vehicle, it will be much the same as driving a conventional car, and be a great deal easier to park and drive through a crowded city than its larger siblings.Medium VansFor those who are perhaps in need of transporting furniture, or those who are moving with a friend or significant other, the medium sized van is an excellent balance between the smaller choices and the larger, more expensive options. The full four doors allow access to the much larger 6.5 cubic metres of storage, with the option of carrying up to 990 kilograms of precious possessions. With a row of seats allowing for up to three people, you can make short work of the extra capacity and the potential it entails. Though larger, these vehicles have reached a stage in modern development where they are similar to drive to a four by four or people carrier. Whilst some might not be used to the size and the additional care which this requires, the possibility of the larger space is enough to tempt people out of their comfort zone.

With space enough for furniture as well as possessions; this is an excellent option for those unsure of how much moving potential they actually require.Large vansFor those serious about the moving business or those who are moving a great many items, the best option might be the largest of vans made available by rental companies. With a higher ceiling and larger doors, the storage capacity can increase to around 11.5 cubic metres, coupled with the ability to hold 1500 kilograms – more than enough for most of those smaller properties.      The increased door size means larger items of furniture can be transported and allows for customers to carry a larger amount of possessions comfortable in the knowledge that they have not had to crush or squeeze precious items into a small amount of space. The size of these vehicles is both their strength and their weakness. Though allowing you to transport more, this comes at the cost of driveability and the larger vans may be an intimidating proposition for those unfamiliar with the vehicles. When choosing the correct size of van, one must consider a number of key factors: how much do I want to move and how comfortable am I with driving a larger vehicle. Once a balance is struck between these two propositions, the answer becomes much clearer. For those only needing to move a small amount and quickly, the small van is the clear choice. For those with a larger amount of furniture and possessions, the biggest van may be required. For those in the middle, the medium sized vans are an excellent option.

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