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Finding A House Removals Company That You Trust

One of the most important parts of a larger move will be the removals company. You will no doubt understand the pivotal role that a mover will play in a move by way of loading the van with your items and getting them transported safely, but a good removals company can also help with packing, as well as planning the move. If you feel like you want to find a company who will go above and beyond the call of duty, then you will need to know where to look and what to look for, as it is often difficult to know what kind of a service you will be getting. Unfortunately you cannot sample a removals company before you buy it, so you will have to rely in part on the company’s previous clients!1.    What do you need?Some people think that they need a removals company when they could actually do the whole thing with a man and van service. Long wheel base vans will fit a large three bed flat in the back in some instances, though the results are obviously different for everyone.

You will find that doing the job with a man and van will save you a huge amount of money, and will be a lot more flexible, as you won’t have so many people working the job, whether you are putting things in to self storage, or doing the whole house removals. If you can find a few friends and get them round to help out for cheap, then you will be in a good position to get the job done in an efficient way. However, there are serious safety measures that you need to consider when you are looking at doing things yourself, so be aware that you need to read up on how to lift and pack things safely, or someone might get injured, or break something during your house removal.2.    Get personal!A recommendation from a friend or relative will usually serve you extremely well. Some removals companies do not advertise that much, and therefore you can only really get to hear about them through word of mouth.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get so call up the friends and family that you have in the area and see if they are able to shed any light on who did their removal, and whether it was any good or not. Someone that you know and trust will give you a much better review than a stranger, as you know their standards, and the baseline by which they will be rating things. You may find however, that things change that you are not aware of, like staff, or the mood on the day, and things can be different for your move, than they were for your advisors!3.    Look online.If you still need to, then get a look on the internet. There are thousands of removals companies and man with a van services on the web in the UK alone, so the task can be a little overwhelming. Look at the house removals companies in your area, and have a look on reviews websites, to see if there are any resulting testimonials as to whether they were any good or not. You should look at the overall picture, rather than focusing on specific events, so that you can get a good image of whether the company have a decent reputation. Looking at the individual testimonials will mean that you can get ideas of repeated instances of bad service or good service, so they are well worth reading through!

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