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Loading And Unloading Your Moving Van: Where To Start

Moving house is a very stressful and tiresome time for most people and it’s becoming more and more common for people to hire the help of a removal company. Whether you’ve chosen to hire a man with a van, movers or even just a removal vehicle, there are still lots of things that can go wrong on your big day. If you’re worried about moving house then why not take a look at this guide of hints and tips to help you when it comes to unloading your moving van? -    Before you start ferrying boxes and bags between your old and new home, you should make sure that you first get all the big items taken into their new home. Start with your large kitchen appliances such as your fridge, freezer or cooker and then move on to your living room and dining room furniture. -    When you get to your new property start by unloading the furniture room by room. It’ll help if you have a rough plan or at least an idea of where you want your furniture to be placed.

Try blocking out the layout of your new kitchen, followed by your living room and then your dining room. -    When it comes to setting up your bedroom furniture you should things such as your bed already disassembled for movement. Though it’s not easy to get your sofa through your front door, it’s a lot more manageable than having to get a king sized bed up your stairs! The same goes for your wardrobe, desks and any other items of furniture you own that can be flat-packed. It might be time-consuming to rebuild them all once you’re settled in, but it’s a much better option than risking damage happening during transit or when you’re carrying your items around. -    Once all of your furniture and large appliances are in your new home you can start loading your van with all the boxes and bags that you own.

Again it’s easier to do this room-by-room, so you don’t get confused and end up with lots of random boxes all over the place. Making sure your boxes are all properly labelled is a great way to help you with this process. Take the time to thoroughly plan how you’re going to pack the van. It’s a good idea to start with the boxes that need to be upstairs in your new home, as you can get these out of the way in preparation for your downstairs items. -    If you’re moving a lot of fragile or delicate items then you need to make sure these are properly packed and secure in the van to avoid damages and accidents happening. It makes a lot more sense to move things such as your television or large mirrors in with your boxes rather than your furniture, as furniture is more likely to move around in transit. Use common sense when it comes to loading, transporting and unloading your fragile items – don’t rush this process or you might find yourself having to deal with expensive breakages! -    You might want to invest in some items to help keep your belongings stable and secure when they’re in the van. Rope is a good way to make sure that your furniture isn’t going to go anywhere during transit.

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