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Organising Tips For Moving

It’s good to be organised when moving house, it’s a great way of ensuring that that the moves goes smoothly without any hitches. Moving can be a very difficult time, there is so much to think about and do but organisation is the key to success.If you are moving or are thinking about moving these helpful hints on how to be organised should help to make the process of moving less stressful. A To-do List!Before you do anything else, writing a To-Do List is a good place to start. Write down everything you can think of that may be of importance during this move. It doesn’t matter what order you list them just as long as you list everything you can think of. Some of the things you should consider putting on the list include,Changes of addresses; Home, bank, school, benefits, work, college, Bills, licences including car, contract including Phone, Internet, TV licensing plus whatever else that may be relevant to you.

This is important for all future mailings to this address.Energy suppliers should be on the list, you have to tell your current suppliers that you are moving and find out which supplier, is any, is currently with the address. You can always change supplier later on but for now you just need to tell them that you are moving in.Looking for removals is important as using the hired help to assist you on this move ensures you will be getting a fast and an efficient service which is vital on moving day. Look for good reputable companies and those who seem to have good positive feedback for the services that they provided for others. You could always ask around to see who others recommend to. Sort out your entire house, remove it of any clutter and get rid of things you no longer need, you could sell some items to help towards the cost of this removal, who knows it may even pay for the price of the man and van hire! If things don’t sell, why not do a friendly gesture by donating unwanted items to charity of family members.

And if you find anything that is broken just throw it away rather than hoard it for another 5 years with the intention of fixing it one day, yet it never happens.Booking a date for removal is essential as soon as you have date for moving into your new home. Try not to delay booking a removal firm as you could struggle to get the date you want. Book as early as possible to avoid disappointment!Packing up to go doesn’t have to be done on the moving in day, it can start now! Obviously you cannot pack everything right now but for those less used items you can pack up whenever you want and just store them ready for moving day, it makes for less work on the day. Decoration to the new home is important however it only needs to be liveable when you first move in, so concentrate on doing the basics for now and you can always upgrade the decor at a later stage. Finding out about the new area is important for basics, such as knowing where the nearest supermarket, petrol station and bus routes are just to help you settle into your new neighbourhood. Depending how far you are moving to, you may or may not know much about the area so finding out little things is ideal for normal day to day activity, like fetching groceries and going to work. Insurance coverage is ideal to have when moving, just in case things were broken or damaged. Ask you current home insurance if contents are covered when moving, if not consider using a packing service for access to their free Insurance. The removal company should explain more about this!

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