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Storage Solutions for Hoarders

There are many people in life who are able to keep their houses need, tidy and efficient. They are able to throw away everything they don’t need and keep even their drawers and cupboards in order and filled only with the essentials. However, there are also those at the opposite end of the spectrum, the hoarders. There are many people who would never consider themselves on the hoarder end of the spectrum until it comes to moving house and then they realise that they have a ridiculous amount of stuff and that they’ll simply never be able to fit it all into their new property. Yet they still don’t want to throw anything away because it’s too valuable and sentimental. Sound familiar? Well don’t worry because you’ll be able to keep everything with these handy storage tips.

How much Space you really needIt’s well worth looking over all of your possessions and deciding just how much space you’ll really need to store it all in. When doing this it’s important to be as accurate as possible because if you get too much you will end up paying for space you’re not even using and if you pay for too little then chances are you’ll have to pay even more on the day. This is probably a time, once you’ve seen just how much space you’re looking at paying for, that you’ll start to consider throwing out some of those precious belongings! The Best LocationThere are storage facilities all over the place so you’ll have plenty of options with regards to location, however there are things that need to be considered in order to make the best and most informed choice. Storage services which are located in a city are far more likely to be more expensive than those located further out so it’s worth deciding whether you need your belongings to be centrally located or whether it doesn’t matter if you have to travel further for them.

If you decide it will be cheaper to choose a storage facility located outside of the city then make sure once you’ve added up petrol money on getting there and how many journeys you’ll want to make then if the money you’ve saved will be worth it. However if you’re just planning on doing a couple of trips then choosing a storage facility located less centrally is certainly a viable option which is well worth considering. Price Plans and PaymentFor something which seems to be roughly the same service wherever you go, there are certainly an enormous variety of costs and payment options on offer which can make it difficult to choose where to go when choosing your storage solutions. While it seems like the most tempting option to go with the cheapest offer, it’s important to shop around and do your research because the cheapest service available may not be the best, most secure or most convenient. They must also have a payment plan which suits you and can mould to your individual moving needs. Extra ServicesAs you’ll probably realise when you start your storage solutions research process, several storage facilities offer extra services at seemingly no extra cost such as telephone point and wireless internet. However before signing up to somewhere just because they’re offering these extras it’s important to ask yourself whether you’ll actually need them. It’s also important to ask for a cost breakdown on your payment plan to check whether these services are actually free or whether they are simply hidden charges which you definitely don’t want to be paying for.

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