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Tips For Unpacking Your Bathroom

Moving into a new house isn’t just about packing up your old home; it’s also about making sure that you unpack your new home properly and in a timely fashion. Your bathroom needs to be unpacked quickly and efficiently as it’s going to be one of the most-used rooms in your new home! Here’s a guide for you to unpack your bathroom as soon as possible, and without you having to worry about things going wrong!1)    Ensure you have all of your boxes.Start by making sure you have all of your bathroom boxes nearby and ready to be unpacked. This will save you having to run around trying to find any missing boxes, or any boxes that have been misplaced. This is why all of your boxes should be clearly labelled, and you might find it useful to have them numbered in terms of their importance too! This will make the unpacking process much easier as you’ll know where you can find the right toiletries just when you need them.2)    Start by unpacking your essentials boxes.If you’ve numbered your boxes when packing them up then it will be easy for you to find the most important of your bathroom boxes.

These will probably contain things like shampoos, conditioners, towels, toilet paper and toothbrushes – all items which you’re going to need within the first couple of days in your new home. Start by unpacking these boxes, but be aware of how much storage space you have.3)    Ensure that everything has a place.Everything in your bathroom should have its own place and you should be aware of where everything is! Remember that, at this stage, you haven’t unpacked everything yet, and that you might need to do some rearranging to fit everything in! Think carefully about what you keep in your bathroom, especially if you’re going to be short on space. Perhaps your make-up products would be better in your bedroom, or maybe your towels could be stored in an airing cupboard to save you precious space in your bathroom? If you have a bathroom storage unit then you might find it useful to assign a specific product or type of product to each drawer, as opposed to lumping everything together.

This will make it easy to find items when you need them the most, and will make it easier for both guests and family to navigate your bathroom.4)    Unpacking the rest of your items.You’re now ready to unpack the rest of your items. Don’t forget about furnishing your bathroom with pedestal mats, bath mats, over-the-door hooks and a shower curtain – all essential items for any bathroom! If you don’t have enough storage space in your bathroom then look into bathroom storage units, cabinets or shelves to create more room for you and your family.5)    Making your bathroom more homely. Once everything is unpacked you can start to turn your bathroom into a room that’s a little more you. Use bathroom accessories, waterproof wall art and paint to turn your bathroom into a homely environment for you and your family. Why not devise a colour theme and stick to it across all of your furnishings, from your shower curtain to your bath mats? A colour theme will really help to tie a room together, and will make it look more expensive and more lived-in!

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