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8 Tips For The Packing Up Your Kitchen When Moving

Moving home can be a very exhausting experience, and packing your kitchen equipment’s will probably take you more time and effort than any other room, with so many nik naks and larger equipment, the kitchen move can turn into a bit of a nightmare.  Here are some few tips on a less stressful packing of your kitchen. 1.    The easiest way is to start a few week previous to your move, we all like to store generally useless items in our kitchen drawers and cupboards, which we will rarely or never use, so aiming to clear at least one drawn or cupboard per day will be less stressful than trying to do the job in one step and also less tedious.  You will be surprised by how much clutter can be collected over the years, so keep the bin bags at hand.2.    Make sure you have all the packing materials needed to store your kitchen items, theses can also be bought or collected over a weekly basis, items to needed will be packing boxes, sellotape, marker pens,  scissors and newspapers or magazines, these items are easy to get hold and are packing essentials, and can be stored all in one box to save space.3.    All items that are still in good condition that you know you will never use again, put them in a separate box and gain some extra money by selling them at  a car boot sale, this can be done with all household goods has you go from room to room sorting what you are taking and what you are not, if you do not have time to do a car boot sale, online auctions are another options or if you prefer you can donate to your local charity shops, many charity shop also collect directly from your home, making life easier for you.4.    Use a separate box to store all your items that you are taking with you on your move and mark each box has it is packed, this will help you avoid confusion whilst unpacking in your new home.5.    Start packing all the items that you rarely use, by keeping out the minimum cups, plates bowls and cutlery this will enable an easy move when the time comes, has generally you can pack the items you use in one single box.6.    Try to consume the food items that you already have in your kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer, this will save on packing and also save money on repeat buying.Start with your freezer has frozen food cannot be transported easily and consuming defrosted food can be dangerous.7.    By collection newspapers and magazines previously will enable you to have quite a bulk, so don’t be afraid to use it, wrap all glasses and plates twice to ensure you have no or little breakages during transportation of your goods, always scrunch a few layers of newspaper at the bottom and top of each box so the all glasses, plates and cups are well cushioned.8.    Finally to save space and for delicate items to be move safely whilst moving, place your smaller items inside larger items, for example delicate china or glass wares can be individually wrapped and placed inside larger items such as saucepans, pots with lids Tupperware contains etc.

this will ensure you are transporting the minimal boxes and that your delicate items are getting double protection.


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