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A Moving Checklist For The Forgetful Renter

There are loads of things which are completely vital to remember. If you are a forgetful sort of person, you might not even think to check some of these things off the list. It’s hard enough to move house without getting hassle from the bills companies and redirected bills which are long overdue. So the first thing to do is to notify companies which will need to know you have moved. The local council is an important one, along with your energy providers. Friends and relatives should know too, but they aren’t going to send you overdue bills if they don’t, with any luck. Since you’re living in a rented house or flat, remember to get the end of tenancy clean arranged well in advance. Spend some time shopping around so you don’t end up going for one which isn’t very well priced.

The same goes for early packing, so you can give the removal service a good idea of the amount of things you’ve got when they ask you, for the purposes of supplying you with an accurate removal quote. This is pretty vital, so remember to pack the things up before you call for quotes. Either that, or have someone from the company come round and give you an evaluation. So far, we have the instructions to notify the energy providers and make sure to pack early. Planning is everything; you have longer to realise your mistakes and hopefully make sure they don’t have happen when you’re relocating. Professional packers are an ideal service if you don’t have it in you to pack things up yourself. They could even supply packing boxes and include it in the final removal total.

Just remember you need to carry out an end of tenancy clean, after all your boxes are out of the way. It’s best to do this when you’ve already packed up or the cleaners aren’t going to be able to do a very good job with the place. Make a list of the items which are essential and also the items which are breakable. This should include your computer (for the breakables). Essential items are things like non-perishable food which you can set aside for a day or two of hectic moving without a cooker, a toothbrush, soap and deodorant - because moving day is stressful, and maybe some tea or coffee to calm your nerves when you arrive at the new place. Be practical when you think up essential moving items. Is the TV essential? No, get it packed up in advance to save yourself trouble. If you’re in the capable hands of a packing service, then you can definitely just sit back and hope for the best.Check over your tenancy agreement and find out what sort of terms they gave you for leaving the house in. Do you need you to repaint? Do they need you to give the oven a full in-depth clean? You’d better make sure or you’ll get a fine, supposedly to cover the cost of cleaning it but it will feel like they are charging you another months rent. There are lots of things to be wary about when moving house, never make it a snap decision or you’re likely to make a mess of things. When you’re moving to a new place, it’s exciting enough to forget to be any kind of responsible adult. The important thing is to get as much help from companies as you can, so you can concentrate on the important duties - that is very important for someone who is forgetful.

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