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How To Move Your Items Into Storage

If you’re about to decorate your home and need to move your items into storage, or if you need somewhere to store your items during a move, then there are many storage options around. But while finding a suitable storage site might be fine, moving your items there might seem a whole lot harder. Below are a number of ways which you can move your items into a secure storage site with minimal hassle and at a low cost.Hire A VanWhen you’re moving a few small items or boxes into a self storage unit, hiring a van and doing it yourself is often the cheapest way. Vans can often be hired by the day or by hour so you only need to pay for what you need; if you’re not moving anything particularly difficult or bulky you won’t miss out on any specialist moving advice. If you do go it alone then try and find a few friends to help out along the way and try to remember to lift things with care.Man & VanAlternatively, if you need some help carrying your items and driving a removal van then a man and van service may be just what you need. Van and man services include the hire of a moving vehicle, a van driver and an experienced moving specialist who can load and unload all of your boxes and furniture.

So if you have a lot of heavy boxes to move into a storage unit then getting a little bit of extra help could go a long way. If you shop around you should be able to get a reasonable quote and you could save yourself a whole lot of to-ing and fro-ing during the move.Removal CompaniesIf you’re moving a lot of furniture, personal items or valuable goods it may be good idea to hire a professional moving firm. With experienced movers to plan your move, your items are guaranteed to make it into your storage room in an excellent condition. Experts at loading removal trucks in a safe and efficient manner, a removal company is sure to get your move done in fewer trips and with much less commotion.

Antique furniture or valuable items should also come with a guarantee before you move so that you can be rest assured your items are in the best possible hands at all times.Mobile StorageIf you want to cut out the middle man then mobile storage might be of interest to you. Organised by storage companies, mobile storage involves the delivery of a unit directly to your home for you to fill at your leisure. Once ready it is collected and delivered to a secure site where it is kept safe until you’re ready for it to be re-delivered. This process cuts out the need for a removal lorry and eradicates the need for unloading at the storage site. Great for packing up large amounts of furniture or personal items, mobile self storage can help you to save a whole lot of time.  So whether you’re moving a few small boxes or all of household furniture there is always an easy and cost-effective way of getting your things into storage. Ranging from basic van hire, man and van packages, specialist moving firms and mobile options, there is always a service out there which can be tailored to meet your needs.

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