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House Removals Tips for a Stress Free Move

It has long been said that moving home is the most stressful experience second to coping with a death of a loved one. Although for some this may be true, moving does not have to be such an ordeal providing you plan things properly and follow some sound advice from those who have already done this. The two most commonly used methods of home removals chosen by many are to hire a recommended specialist removal company to do all the work. The other option is the DIY removal which usually involves hiring a van or truck from a van hire company and doing all the work yourself, hopefully with some help from friends or family etc.Hiring the services of a professional home removal company is normally the most effective and stress free solution especially if you are not the most organized person. Most good removal companies will offer both packing and unpacking services and this is an excellent option if you don’t want to take on this arduous task yourself.Finding a good company for your removals need not be a difficult task and it’s always best to ask around to get the best references of companies in your area. The reputation of any removal firm is of utmost importance, after all you will be entrusting them with all of your treasured possessions and the last thing that you want is to have your belongings damaged or even stolen by dishonest workers. It’s usually a good idea to seek out the companies nearest to your home in order to cut down on the driving distance and therefore the cost will be lower.

Find out how long the company has been in existence as this can often reveal if their reputation is good or bad. Word soon gets around for bad companies who have had several complaints, and this will often result in their early closure. Companies who have survived for 3 years or more are typically more reliable and their reputation intact.It may help to make a short list of the removal companies that you consider to be reliable. By doing this will allow you to filter down your requirements and you will then be left with the most suitable removal company for your move.It’s advisable to select a company who will charge you for the type of goods that they will move for you. For example you may have expensive or delicate items which will require extra special care when moving.

They will often charge slightly more for such items and also add them to the insurance cover. Some other companies will charge per cubic meter but this is not always the best option and can often work out to more trouble in the long run.If you decide to go for the DIY removals option then try to find a vehicle which is most suited for removals. A van will often need several round trips in order to complete the move. This will take more time and fuel costs will be much higher than it would have been by hiring a larger vehicle. You will certainly need help for a loading your items in particular the heavier ones. Don’t forget that by choosing the DIY option you will have no insurance for breakages so extra caution will be required by you and anyone who will assist you. A good tip is to ensure that you spend more time securely packing everything and this will help minimize the risk of anything being broken. Drive slowly and carefully, there is no rush and there is less chance of things falling over and breaking. Make the most of the vehicles straps to secure the contents tightly.

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