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Fixed Rates or Hourly Rates When Moving Home?

Saving money when moving home is something almost everyone wants to do. House removals are expensive and it is easy for the bill to get bigger and bigger. One way to reduce costs is to hire a removal company that can do the job for you. Not only will they get the removal done quickly and efficiently thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, they save you time and the costs of petrol and buying materials for packing. Normally this is included in the removal service package or at the least they will offer a very reasonable price on packing materials. Their van and man service will save you repeated trips from your old home to the new one, and of course, the cost of fuel.However, one concern for many people when hiring removal companies is whether fixed rates or hourly rates are better. To be honest, there is no one-best way as each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons and see which one will best suit your removal and financial needs.The general assumption is that fixed rates are better.

They are simple, as you know exactly how much you will pay upfront so you can budget accordingly. To pay for everything in one go and know how much is reassuring as it is one less thing to worry about, which comes as a relief in house relocations when you will of course have many other things to be thinking about! The main advantage is the protection you get, as you know that you pay the same amount regardless of the amount of hours worked so you know that there is no sneaky extra hours added on or any hidden costs. When everything is uncertain, which it certainly can be in house removals, this fixed cost can be very reassuring.However, the problem with fixed costs is they are often a lot more expensive. The reasoning behind this is that the removal company has to account for any hours over the removal time that they pre-calculate. This really can be a strain on your finances. The best way to avoid this pull on the budget is to compare quote across a few services and see what the best price is.

It is best to do this whilst comparing removal services that the removal companies offer too as this will give a fair indication. The cheapest is not always the best, especially when it comes to safely transporting your belongings!People are often wary about hourly rates, in case the removal company adds on extra hours or the job takes longer than expected. This is a reasonable worry and it can happen. But this kind of practice of adding on extra hours would never happen with a reputable company. Search for a company that has good reviews and feedback. They will always have your priorities as a focus and will want to deliver you the very best service they can.Hourly rates have many advantages over fixed rates. A clear advantage is you only pay for what you use. The rates per hour include packing, the man and van service, packing materials, transportation and unpacking at the other end. Hourly rates are often the cheaper option in house removals as the company will only charge you for the work they do. With fixed rates, although you don’t see it, extra hours are included to account for any eventuality. If the job goes smoothly then you may end up paying for more than you need to on a fixed rate basis.

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