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Packing Check List When Moving House

Where do you start when it comes to packing up the contents of your home when moving? Though moving home can be exciting there is the dreaded chore of relocating everything from one place to another with the minimum of loss and damage. You possessions can amount to a lot of items and they all need to be packed up and moved safely. For house movers this is certainly one of the largest jobs and needs to be done with care. Over time we build up a lot of belongings as well as large pieces of furniture and a number of electrical appliances, and often this all needs to be transferred to your new place. House removals are a hectic event and here are some tips to help make the packing a little easier.Where do you start? A good question when moving house, it is a busy and anxious time and there is a lot of jobs to do. One of the first things to do will get hold of a lot of boxes, food shops and furniture stores will have a good supply so ask them to save them for you to collect. Make sure they are strong and not damaged in any way as they will be carrying your precious possessions and you want them kept safe. If you have no luck it may be worth buying them from a specialist removal company.

They need to be strong and durable and new ones are the best if the budget will stretch to them. Then there is other supplies including strong tape, labels, marker pens, bubble wrap and plastic sheets to cover and protect larger furniture. Time is a factor when moving home so start in plenty of time. Leaving the packing until the last minute will mean that the job will not be done properly. A good time to start is a couple of months before, that way you can do a little at a time. Make a moving checklist for your removals and stick to it. Start to clear out things you don’t want anymore and either sell or give away or dump.

There are plenty of recycling options to get rid of rubbish. When you are left with the things you want to keep, and then start packing the out of season items first. Have plenty of supplies at hand to package delicate items securely, wrap individual glasses and ornaments with newspaper and carefully. Make sure that all of the gaps are filled so nothing can move about and break. Label all boxes clearly along with a list to keep track of what is in the boxes. Invent a colour code to each room for ease unpacking at your new address. Heavy and bulky appliances will need to be cleaned of any water, and uninstalled, then wrapped in plastic sheets to prevent scratches. Most major removal companies will want everything ready to load on to a removal van so make sure every item you have is boxed, wrapped and labeled for ease and convenience. Take care with electronics such as TV’S, computers and music systems as they can be complex. Get help if you are unsure on how to disassemble, the internet is a valuable source of information for help with all of these issues. Other items such as pictures, mirrors and plates need to be individually wrapped and protected with newspaper and bubble wrap. Tape securely and label as fragile so that the movers know to take care on the day of the removals.

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