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Tips On Storing Furniture

Furniture is a huge part of making a house a home. From chairs to couches and beds to tables, there is a lot of furniture involved in the fabric of the home. When you are moving house, the process of moving furniture can be quite a daunting task. Due to the bulky nature of furniture, moving it all at once can be an onerous procedure. Therefore, storing furniture during house relocation can be a good solution. Furniture storage is also convenient if you are going away for some time and don’t want to sell the furniture items. There are many removal companies that offer storage solution. Hiring experts in furniture removals is a better option than attempting to incorrectly move furniture and risk damaging it.

If you do opt to store furniture during your relocation, there are many things to consider, ensuring you take care of your furniture. Some of the following tips will help you protect your furniture when it is in storage. These tips will also make moving furniture much easier and reduce the chances of anything breaking or getting scratched.-    Disassemble furniture where possible, for example take the legs and head off the bed and couches if the build of the item allows.-    Cover furniture once in storage. It is best to use cloth blankets or plastic, or a combination of both. This will prevent dust getting into the fibres of the furniture, dust mites eating away at the wooden furniture items, and stop any moisture leaking into the fabric and wooden materials.-    Take shelves out of bookcases and store these standing vertically upright, covered with plastic.-    Remove drawers before moving and store these upside down, covered with plastic. It is also important to use correct lifting techniques when moving furniture. These suggestions will reduce the risk of injuring your back, neck and shoulders.

-    Pushing – if the item doesn’t have wheel, slide some plastic or cardboard underneath. To push correctly, keep your back straight and bend the knees. Push through the arms, keeping your shoulders rounded.-    Pulling – as with pushing, place plastic of cardboard underneath the item if it doesn’t have wheels. Keep the back straight and bend at the knees. To pull, keep your body upright and pull with your arms and shoulders.-    Wheels – where possible, use a wheeled device such as a trolley to move furniture. It is advantageous if your bed or couch has wheels and these should be used to push or pull.When moving furniture, it is recommended to have the help of professionals from moving companies. Many companies can help transfer your furniture to the designated storage facility. The professionals will be able to demonstrate correct lifting and shifting techniques and do much of the backbreaking work for you. Hiring a van or man with a van facilities is the best solution for furniture removals. Depending on how much furniture you need to be stored, you can hire a van that serves the right amount of space. Professional companies can also provide you with quality storing materials and protective covers to ensure that your furniture doesn’t get damaged while in storage. It is worth contacting a range of different companies to see what they have available, and compare prices. This will be a worthy investment to ensure the longevity of your furniture.

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