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Moving Preparations for Office Removal


With so many factors and potential difficulties to deal with during the process, managing an office removal can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to keep things in perspective, especially if the office in question is large, cluttered, or used by a greater number of people. One of the most important steps in such a task, and the first one that should be taken, is the creation of a moving checklist. Sitting down with everyone involved and outlining the whole job to the point where everyone understands their role and the things required of them can streamline everything and make the work much less painful. This should be done days or weeks in advance, to allow for any emergencies or sudden changes in the situation.

Things to consider adding to such a list would include important contact information and communication with whatever service may have been hired to help with the move. With an office removal, employees’ personal vehicles will only go so far, and probably won’t accommodate desks, cabinets or other furniture. Hiring a removal service, whether it’s a large-scale moving company, a man and van hire, or just the van itself, is ideal when it comes to moving bulky items.

Establishing regular, clear communication with this service is crucial for a smooth implementation of the move. Ensure that they are in possession of the correct addresses, for both the current and future office; confirm exactly what time the will be expected at the property to commence moving. This should be done well in advance, again, to allow for any changes.

Establishing exactly what is to be moved is also important. There’s no point in moving to a nice, spacious office if all the clutter from the previous office moves in too. De-cluttering is a time-consuming challenge, especially if the office has been in use for a long time.

Knowing exactly what will be needed at the new office will help greatly in the disposal of unnecessary items: an itinerary should be drawn up as soon as possible, preferably aided by a plan or blueprints of the destination, since the placement of desks and appliances in relation to power outlets and telephone connections can then be worked out. Any excess items can be sold, donated or thrown away as appropriate.

Once the itinerary has been established, packing can commence. Cardboard boxes are a go-to form of packaging, and are ideal in most scenarios since they’re cheap, stackable, and easy to obtain. It might, however, be worth investing in plastic containers, being more durable and able to handle greater weights safely. Packing paper and/or bubble wrap is a worthwhile investment for fragile items, too. Once the office has been de-cluttered, it will be easier to prepare the appropriate packaging. The removal service hired may even offer deals on such items, and provide support in dismantling large items and preparing them for removal: it would be worth looking into this. Whatever the case, it is crucial that everything is prepared before the moving van or truck arrives.

Most important of all is allowing time for preparation. Assembling a moving checklist will lay out everything that needs doing and help in structuring the task, but if the process is rushed mistakes will easily be made and everything will become far more difficult than it needs to be. In the end, allowing a couple of weeks, or even months to prepare will be the most beneficial part of a relocation strategy.


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