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Avoid Damage By Packing Like A Professional Mover


Moving can be a very stressful time and there’s lots to think about even before the big day. Don’t despair though, you can make moving easier for yourself by planning everything in advance. Not only will this make it more organised when you move, but it will also make unpacking easier. Follow these simple steps to make your move a breeze!

1) Plan your move
Having a plan for your move is one of the most important things you can do. First thing is to create a list of the supplies that you will need, such as boxes, tape etc. Next, make a plan of the things you are going to pack, with items you can pack first, and those you need to leave until the last minute.

If you can, talk this stage over with someone else, they may come up with suggestions you haven’t thought about. Make your plan as soon as possible to give yourself time to collect boxes and get rid of all your unwanted things.

Talk to several removal companies to discover which services they offer.

Some have moving checklists that can help you, while others can provide boxes and do the packing for you.

2) Clear out unwanted items
The last thing that you want to do is move all your unwanted items from one house to another. It can be difficult to part with things, but there is no better opportunity to clear them out and start fresh.

Go through one room at a time and sort out the things you no longer want. You can make some extra cash by selling them, or give them to friends or the charity shop. You will feel a whole lot better afterwards, and you won’t be packing and moving more than you need.

3) Pack with care
Packing your items in the right way prevents those awful moments when you find something has been broken during the relocation. Taking extra care and packing as much as you can early, will help to avoid breakages.

Make sure that you have plenty of wrapping material such as bubble wrap, and lots of strong tape.

Think about which items you are going to pack together, packing too many fragile things in one box may cause them to get damaged. Some things may need to be kept on their own in a box with plenty of packing if they are particularly delicate. Cover items with two layers of wrapping and tape securely but not too tightly.

Try not to make your boxes to heavy, not only will your removal company thank you, but you will also prevent your boxes from breaking and damaging the items inside. Spread books into several boxes and mix with lighter items on top.

Once you have finished with a box, tape it securely with strong tape crossing the centre in both directions. Remember to mark the box with the room it’s intended to go in, this will save time when you get to the new home.

4) Dismantle large items
It is a good idea to try and dismantle large items if you can, as this will make them easier to move and take up less space in the moving van. Remember to either make a note of how they are assembled, or have the instructions handy when they are moved. It’s also a good idea to keep screws, washers etc. in a bag taped to the item so that you can find them easily.

Some items such as fridges and freezers, can’t be dismantled of course. These need to be emptied and defrosted before you move them, and they need to be kept upright during transit.

If you make a plan and stick to these simple steps, you will have a much easier experience when it comes to moving house. With luck, everything will be in its proper place - just remember where you put the kettle!




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