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A Guide To Successful Office Removals


Moving offices can be a daunting prospect, perhaps even more daunting than the process of moving between homes. Due to the large amount of people, furniture and equipment often involved, organizing office removals can be a logistical nightmare. However, there are strategic ways in which that dreaded office relocation can be made much quicker and easier. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a headache.

The key to successfully executing a smooth office removal is, in one word, organization. Much the same as a domestic relocation, the level of premeditation and organization will directly determine the efficiency and ease of the office move.

Prioritize and organize. Just as you would with a domestic relocation, sort through possessions systematically and dispose of unnecessary items and equipment. Don’t be afraid to throw away and recycle! It can be tempting to hoard homely old office furniture and personal things, but it’s always important to bear in mind the layout and dimensions of your new office. There might not be enough room in the new workplace for existing equipment and furniture.

There may be unforeseen accessibility issues that could cause major setbacks down the line. So, if it’s not going to fit, bin it. Unfortunately, saying goodbye to a place of work often means saying goodbye to your favourite chair too.  

Once you have sifted through the equipment and office furniture, make a moving checklist inventory of everything that will be making the final cut. It’s an old cliche, but things do go missing during moves. And while one computer among a few dozen may be easily missed, such office equipment losses can be potentially damaging for business in the long term.

By writing and monitoring a moving checklist, you can eliminate the risk of unnoticed theft or losses during the removal process, as well as keeping close track of the company equipment through each and every stage of the move.

Now, it’s time to find some kind of removal service to help you with the move. Due to the large scale of corporate office removals, it is very rare for a company to perform the whole removal by themselves, and assistance from the right kind of contractor can be invaluable during a hectic office move. While it’s easier to get away with a self-sufficient house move, it can be much harder and more logistically complex to attempt a mid to large-scale office relocation without some kind of professional assistance. Depending upon the particular business or office, this assistance contractor could range from anything from a man with a van for small removals to a more industrial level removal company for larger business removals. Once a suitable contractor has been chosen, it is then possible to put the practical process of the office removal into action.

By coordinating employees and your removal service of choice as one, you can streamline the process. Take your time, and remember that an office removal isn’t the same as a domestic move. With a grander scale comes a greater margin for error and, most importantly, more stress. By remaining calm and preparing some kind of removal strategy, your office move could be painless and even enjoyable. Remember, organization is everything.


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