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Do Away With The Stresses And Anxiety Of House Removals


Moving house is for the majority of people, a stressful experience. It’s how you handle this stress and the steps you take to combat the tricky and time consuming aspects of the process that will determine how successful your move will be. So take your time, take a deep breath and follow this advice to help get you started.

1. Start well in advance of your move.
People often become stressed because they’ve left everything until the last minute or haven’t taken the appropriate measures to put a plan in place and suddenly find themselves short of time and having overlooked an important aspect of the process. So leave yourself plenty of time to get things in order so that you can begin ticking things off your moving checklist one by one.

As you begin to tackle more and more parts of the process, the workload will gradually reduce which should leave you with some new found energy to put in a final bit of effort and get everything completed in time for your move.

2.Bulk buy packing materials.
Most removal companies should be able to offer you a discount if you buy your packing materials and supplies in bulk. Even if you feel that you don’t need a lot of the materials you’ve brought, it’s well worth getting them anyway and putting them into a storage container if you don’t use them, because you never know when they’ll come in handy. You can never give your items too much protection, so buy plenty of supplies such as foam, box fillers and wraps to ensure your items are thoroughly secured for the upcoming move.

3. Ask your moving company a lot of questions to see if you can do anything differently or change your plans slightly to save a bit of money here and there.
In most cases, there are things that you can do to save money from the moving processes.

The companies you call may not directly tell you this, but if you ask the right type of questions, you could end up hiring a cheaper removal service. For example, ask if you can save money by moving in the middle of a weekday as opposed to the weekend or overnight. Most people would want to move on a weekend and companies know this and so hike up their prices accordingly as they’ll need to send out more staff to help with their busier workload. If you can plan your move so that your get going on a weekday, firstly this would increase the likelihood of you getting your preferred company as they’ll most probably have more staff available and secondly you may be able to save yourself a bit of money.

4. Removals and storage.
If you haven’t yet decided which items of furniture you want to take with you to your new place, which items you’re getting rid of and which items you plan to replace, consider putting a few of your items into storage. This will not only reduce the amount that you have to take with you in the moving vehicle on moving day (which would save you money as you could hire a smaller van) but it will also reduce clutter in your new house, leaving you with more space to plan with and get things sorted. Putting your items into a storage facility is also a great idea if you plan on doing any major building work in your new house, as it would be best to keep these items safe and out of the way rather than seeing them succumb to damage.


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