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Five Apps to Digitise Your Move!


Moving day jitters are our worst nightmares worsened by the lack of proper help. When it comes to useful help, why not pick the smartest assistant? Your smart phone! In an age where everything is digital, you just can’t be stuck in the past with your notepad and pen. When you can organize everything at the tip of your fingers, why move them at all! So stop being overwhelmed by the myriad tasks at hand and install these apps!

Moving Planner
Enough of handwritten moving checklists! All you need is the Moving Planner app available on the Android store. It is a configurable checklist and comes pre-populated with hundreds of items to help you make your packing, moving and unpacking lists (yes, it supports multiple lists!). With all these available items that cover most of your household commodities, you are guaranteed to save your precious time otherwise spent in documenting your belongings.

Move Match
Getting quotations from removal services and providing size estimates for all your household goods can be a gargantuan task. But no worries, there is an app in the Android store designed just for that! It just takes two to ten minutes to request quotations with the help of this app. All you need to do is get the app, select you place, fill in details, check off your household items in the list to get their estimated weights or volumes and bam! You have an estimate ready.

Place your request, sit back and relax for the removal companies to get back to you!

Moving Van
While most people think that packing and shifting is the biggest challenge, the real show begins the minute you get out of the moving van and step into your new abode. Unpacking is the much ignored disaster that surfaces after relocation. To make things easier later you can again use the moving van! No we are talking about the app – Moving Van. This app allows you to key in the contents of every box as you pack it. You can also take pictures of items, assign a name or number to each box and even enter the room in which the box belongs.

Next, while you proceed to unpack your stuff, you already have an app that can give you the details of each box you have. In case you need any item you cannot find, you can always search it on the app and it will tell you the box that contains it. Unpacking made easy, technology is magic, right?!

Change of Address
You think you can relax after you have exchanged goodbyes with the removal service and arranged your new house. Nope! You are missing a crucial point – your address has changed! And no one but you will have to tell this to all your friends and family. Don’t have time to inform everyone personally? No need to furrow your brow, just download Change of Address, available on iTunes. This app lets you send your new address details to all your loved ones in just a few clicks. So while you are taking an afternoon nap, your app will let the world know where to find you now.

Having done away with hassle of the whole relocation process, you need to take a good night’s sleep. Go back to that comfy bed and set the ambience in your room with ‘Ambiance’ – the app.  With over 2000 sounds, you can create an aura for relaxation and bask in the revelry of your success. Come on! You just finished moving in! Phew!


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