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6 Secrets about Moving Furniture Nobody Told You


One of the main things that people hate about moving homes is the fact that they will have to relocate their furniture. Truly there is no other more difficult aspect of a move than furniture removals. Unless you are a bodybuilder who can lift a heavy sofa with relative ease, chances are you will find this task extremely difficult.

It may be difficult, but there are some smart tricks that you may have never considered before. Thanks to them, you will find that furniture removal is not as difficult as you thought. In fact, you will be a bit disappointed for not considering these before, but at least you get to use them in your next removal! Find out how you can save yourself a lot of effort by using these hacks:

- Disassemble some pieces - you are definitely going to have an easier time fitting large furniture pieces through narrow doors and staircases, if you disassemble certain components. For example, beds and tables are much easier to fit and carry if you don’t have to worry about their legs.

Carry those separately and assemble them once you get to your new home. Just remember to keep all of the components neatly packed so that you don’t lose them in the unpacking chaos.

- Empty everything - this one is rather obvious, but it has to be mentioned anyway. Instead of trying to move your items when they are still loaded up, you should empty out everything from the inside. That will significantly lighten the load and make it easier to carry and transport. It is also the safest way to perform a removal, since it will prevent something from accidentally falling out.

- Use some tools to help - if you are not an expert mover, there is a high chance that you know nothing about the existence of things like moving straps.

Professional movers use them in their work, as they are not only excellent in making the job easier, but also for protecting your back from injuries. Getting hurt is the last thing you want during a move!

- Slide furniture, don’t lift it - save lifting for your boxes - you will have plenty of opportunities to prove just how strong you are with them. When it comes to moving heavy furniture, the best technique is to slide the pieces, not lift them. Thanks to this tip you can save yourself a ton of effort and have an easy time moving your furniture.

- Aid sliding - if you do decide to slide your furniture across the room, you will do good to consider how to preserve the flooring. Heavy pieces should not be slid just like that as there is real danger of scratching the floor, especially if it’s hardwood finish you will be sliding them on. What you can do is slip cardboard or towels beneath the furniture pieces to make moving them across the floor easier and safer.

- Pulling instead of pushing - certain pieces of furniture are best moved by pulling. Place your arms on either side of the piece and move backwards. You will find this technique less tiring and much easier.

Whichever of these methods you decide to use during your removal, you will find that it is a lot easier.


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