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Moving home is easy when you know how, Amazing Moves know exactly what moving entails and are here to provide a service to you to ensure that everything goes to plan and that we can get this move done and dusted, in no time at all. Our Hackney Wick movers specialise in mainly home and office removals Hackney Wick but whatever the type of move is it we can more than likely assist you with it regardless, no matter how big or small the job is, we can help with most moves, to find out more call us now 020 3970 0488.

Situated within the E9 postcode district directly between The London Borough of Hackney and the Tower of Hamlets lays an inner city development known as Hackney Wick. Hackney wick is at the southern tip of Hackney Marshes where you can find the Olympic 2012 village and the River Lea. Historically this area lost most of its population after the war, and the whole area has been pretty much revamped over the decades. Redevelopments which began around the 1960’s created new living estates including the Trowbrige Estate and subsequently after this an array of single storey and tower blocks were built to increase its population again,  however following deterioration many had to be replaced once again, in the 80’s and 90’s so the majority of homes here today are fairly modern.  These days it is becoming a fairly popular borough to reside to again because unlike Hackney Marshes where transportation is limited, here you have access to the Hackney Central Underground Line and there are many available bus routes too. This part of London is great for sightseeing and attractions, many visitors come to see the Olympic Village in nearby Hackney Marshes and also to visit the museums and theatres such as hackney Museum and Arcola Theatre, this is also a great place for street markets. Also Victoria Park is close by which is home to the very first war memorial.

Our specially trained and experienced Hackney Wick removals provide a wide range of helpful services that could make this process even easier for you. We provide storage units for those who would like to temporary store their household possessions until it’s safe to move them into the new property or we can provide you with all the correct packaging to safely pack up all of you belongings to move them, whatever you are looking for or if it’s just advise on what we can do to help, call us now 020 3970 0488. Amazing Moves has many years experience in all aspects of removals, our priority is to deliver a good service to our clients, we like to ensure that you feel confident and that there’s trust in our team which is why we also provide an insurance cover for those who do take up the packing service. We feel that if your goods to were to get damaged or broken whilst in the care of our removal men then its only right that we foot the bill for a replacement, however we endeavour to do all that we can to ensure that this will not be the case. For fast friendly and reliable service, call us now and lets set a date for the move!.

Prior to booking a date with us, we like to advise all of our clients that the street you are moving to do not have any ‘permit only’ or restricted regulations that could incur a penalty fine.

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Postcode E9 nearby postcodes E5, E10, E15, E3, E2, E8

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With their expert handling, I had peace of mind knowing that my belongings were in good hands during the move.

Rating: 4.5/5
S. Gentry

The affordability of the move allowed us to stay within our budget.

Rating: 4.5/5
George H.

I was looking to save some money and still enjoy a top house moving experience in Hackney Wick. Hiring this company, one of their man and a van teams was the right way to go. I'd recommend their teams, such a service, to anyone.

Rating: 4.5/5
Matt H

My office removals job in Hackney Wick was handled speedily and professionally by Amazing Moves. They were mindful of the fact that they were dealing with commercial equipment. They were professionals, and it was clear they'd done such a job before. Everything went smooth and hassle-free with them.

Rating: 4.5/5
Ruby G.

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