There are many great places to live in London, but there are also many great places to live outside of Greater London. These places give you the opportunity to be near one of the world’s capitals and most exciting cities, while still living in a small town, down a country lane, or in a more affordable area. Not all of the towns within 20 or 30 miles of London are small, either; many are large urban centres themselves, though somewhat dwarfed by London. Moving in this part of the country can fall under three categories: you are moving from another part of England or another part of the world; you are moving away from the concrete jungle or leaving the London suburbs for someplace a bit further out; or you are moving close to your current place of residence, but maybe downsizing or upsizing, depending on the circumstances. Whichever type of move you are facing, Removal Company will be there, and armed with the best tools of the trade and the best people in the industry.

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Not only do we serve customers looking for man and van services or short-distance removals, but we can also help you with a long-haul move, no matter where you are coming from. Even if you are just moving your abode from one side of town to the other, you may need a storage unit for a few days or weeks while the remodeling gets done. Our storage facilities are equipped with all the types of storage unit you could need, and we can help you get your stuff there to boot. For security, quality and price, look no further. In Reading, Ayelsbury or Luton, there’s only one number to call – 020 3970 0488 – for great storage solutions.

Often people forget, however, that when things go into storage, they should first go into boxes or crates or in some other way be wrapped. This no only protects against scratches and damage during transport, but will keep you belongings from collecting dust as well. You may have planned ahead and ordered enough boxes for the items you are moving to the new home or office, but did you order enough boxes for the things that need to go into storage? Do you have enough furniture blankets and bubble wrap for the things that will be out of sight and out of mind for a while? Order your packing materials from Removal Company and you won’t be stuck in this situation. Plus, we’ll deliver them to your door and we can even help you pack them up, if you like. Box delivery to Bracknell, Maidstone, Harlow, or Southedn-on-Sea is as easy for us as dropping something off next door so don’t hesitate to call.

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Speaking of packing, there is no task that induces more groaning or procrastinating. Parts of it are easy, and when you start out, you might think that there’s nothing to it. But a few days later, you may feel differently. Professional packing services really are the way to go these days, especially if you have a family, pets, a busy work life or any other obligations that prevent you from having lots of free time. Think about it this way: if you have to take unpaid leave to pack, you’re losing money; likewise, if you have to pay a babysitter so you can pack, this is also costing you. It makes more sense to have the movers come in and do the job in a few hours that might take you days. We offer our services within Greater London and without, so whether you like in Horsham, Chelmsford, Crawley or Guildford, we’ve got you covered.

Similarly for transport – everything from a man and van service to a full-service removal – Removal Company is your local moving company in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Hemel Hempstead, or High Wycombe. Anywhere you have chosen to live outside of London’s M25 ring road is somewhere that we work. To find out more about our services and our great rates, contact us now on . Or use our handy online removal calculator to figure an estimate for your removal right now. Our moving vans are always in perfect condition and kept clean; our equipment is always maintained; and our movers are not only experienced and professional, but they are friendly, too.

Perhaps you are relocating your office and need some professional help. For office removals, there’s no one better. While many people think that office removals are just a step up from a home removal, they really are quite different. In most homes there is a TV, a computer or two, maybe some equipment from a home office and possibly a large appliance or two. In most offices, however, the majority of the furniture is quite heavy and might need to be disassembled, and there is a computer, a telephone and maybe even a printer for each desk. That’s a lot of equipment that needs to be carefully disconnected, packed and relocated so that your business can get up and running again quickly. Whether you are moving from Brentwood to Wickford, from Woking to Sevenoaks, or from Chesham to Tonbridge, you will surely want to hire a company like ours that can ensure a safe and secure office removal, big or small.

We’ve covered our storage solutions, our packing services, our packaging materials and our office removals capabilities. What we haven’t covered is our fantastic customer service, the hallmark of our business. If our customers aren’t 100% satisfied with their removals, then we haven’t done our job properly. We take great pride not in the number of removals we do, but in the quality of the removals we do, and we think that our work speaks for itself. Our happy customers speak for us too – you can see what they have to say right here on this sight. If you are moving to or from one of the many great towns or cities that lie within 20 or 30 miles of London, then the choice for a removal company is clear – us!.

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