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RG24 removals

We have a trained team of movers who are able to help you move your possessions and make sure that all your things will be in great hands. Our moving vans are big and modern and we are able to transport all your goods with just one ride to your new home. Once delivered at your new home, all the furniture and boxes will be carefully carried into the right rooms. Amazing Moves is the solution to your problems. We do all types of removals. Every person that hires us is unique and important for us. Our team of service minded movers RG6 will gladly help you out on the moving day. Amazing Moves will assist you with every aspect of the moving process.

There is no one better than us to do the job for you. You will thank yourself later when you stand in your new home just wanting to get started with your settling down. No one should have to do their house removal by themselves. There are possibly too many memories that are too hard to give away. These need time to say good bye to, so let all the hard work in our hands so you can focus your all on the important things you will be leaving behind. Remember, your move is just as important as any other and we will treat it with respect and great interest. After your move you will only be filled with energy and eagerness to start on with your new live.  Just call 020 3970 0488 now and see for yourself that you will be well taken care of and let us know your circumstances and we will together with you come up with a working plan so that for the sum you would spend in moving on your own, it will go to professional help.

The postcode area of Reading (RG) has thirty five districts in Reading Basingstoke in South England including twelve post towns which are Reading, Basingstoke, Thatcham, West Berkshire, Hungerford, Newbury, Workingham, Bracknell, North Hampshire, Hook,Bramley and little of Oxfordshire, Henley on Thames  and Buckinghamshire. The population around West Reading was increasing and this lead to the establishing of postcode RG3 in ’95, that resulted in the founding of RG30 and RG31.

The postcode of RG24 is the one of Basingstoke – along with RG21-RG25 and parts of RG28 – and covers Buckskin, South Ham, Kempshott and Brighton Hill. Basingstoke is a town in northeast Hampshire in Southern with 80 477 inhabitants (2006). The borough Basingstoke and Deane has approximately 158,700 inhabitants (2006). The city grew very rapidly in the 60s and has sometimes been perceived as a 'new town’. Until the 50s, it was only a small trading town. Basingstoke is located about 48 miles southwest of London and about 48 miles north of Southampton. Among the town’s sights are the Museum Milestone housed in a large hall where the city's developments are depicted, including the older urban areas and industries.

Please make sure that you see over the parking regulations in your area before moving day. On the borough website you can look up the parking rules regarding your specific area. Different districts have different rules so for each move there need to be rules checked out. You don’t want to stand there on the day of and having to argue with neighbors whose drive way you have blocked.
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RG24 removals
Moving House, Man and Van RG24 Removals
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Above and beyond satisfaction, these expert movers truly impressed me with their skills and dedication.

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They're a removal company that genuinely cared about my moving needs in RG24. Their team sensed I was stressed and made every effort to minimise my stress levels, which I greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure having them on board throughout the move.

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We finally moved into our dream house. It is perfect, right in RG24. We used this moving service on the advice of a friend, and they did a great job. If I ever need professional moving services again, I would use them.

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