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When we think about moving home, we often don’t think about all the work that is involved. We know we have to pack our things, carry some furniture and get a hold of some vehicles but this barely covers it. Packing can take a long time and you will need various wrapping and containers. Rushing into to it can mean things getting lost, being broken and crushed. These boxes and all of your furniture can be extremely heavy and can cause serious injury if done incorrectly. You will have to find suitable transport that can carry all of your things safely and then once your things arrive at your new address you will have to do the entire process but in reverse. There are other things to consider such as storage facilities to keep your goods between you move. If you are relocating abroad you will need all the help and guidance you can get so when moving into or from the LU1 area you should get in touch with Amazing Moves by calling us on 020 3970 0488 and we will take care of all the work for you.
LU1 is a postcode district in the area made by the south-west of Bedfordshire and sections of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. It contains the places Aley Green, Caddington, Woodside, Pepperstock, Lower Woodside, Slip End, Skimpot and some of Luton. These all fall within the Boroughs of Luton and Central Bedfordshire and use LUTON for it's post town address. The LU (Luton) area as a whole has seven different postcode subsections, such as LU2, LU3, LU4, LU5 and LU6 that border LU1 and encompasses Chiltern Green, The Hyde, Winch Hill, Chalton, Dunstable, Bidwell, West Bray, Kensworth. The St. Albans code areas AL3 and AL5 are also nearby, containing St. Albans town and Harpenden.
Luton is major town with many notable aspects. One of these is the Luton festival, which is currently the largest one-day festival in Europe. There is also the University of Bedfordshire, several museums and London Luton Airport. Luton F. is the local football team, playing in the Conference National league. The River Lea begins here. The area has bean to undergo regeneration in order to cerate new homes and retailers. Caddington is bets known for it’s many sport societies and teams, Slip End houses many pubs and playing fields and Pepperstock has many caravan parks.
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You may not think that a removal firm is for you but you should get in touch regardless. We won’t bombard you with deals and packages and so on, but instead try to get a grasp of your move so we can tailor or advice to your needs. If you have any questions, ask away and our operators will give you the right answers. If you want some support during your move let us know at what step you are because we can assist you from the begging, in the middle or at the very end. We offer many services that will cover every aspect, including packing, item removal, vehicles, storage and more whether you are moving to a new home or workplace. International moves can also be handled by us. Our team are skilled, experience and caring, so they will do all of these to a high quality and show respect you and your belongings. If you choose you utilise our services please not that parking space has to be booked with Luton and/or Central Bedfordshire councils.
If you want to forget all the work involved with a movie then get in touch with Amazing Moves today.

LU1 removals
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I could tell that they were experienced and knew what they were doing .

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Their house moving specialists showed why they're the best. I was taking a lot to my new place in LU1. They handled it all, got the van carefully loaded up and were on their way in no time.

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Justin A

This company is a great choice for moving house in LU1. Their prices were very reasonable, and they did an amazing job at being fast, efficient, and hard-working.

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Brian L.

Out of all of the LU1 moving companies I rang, these guys had the lowest rates. The movers are pretty awesome too. They did a great job.

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