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TN12 removalsYour upcoming move could be the journey to your new home or office where we hope you will have   many fond and positive experiences and memories. With these points in mind, it is important that you choose the right removals company to get you to your new destination, because you want to make your moving experience a good one. Here at Amazing Moves, we endeavour to make sure that every client has a positive relocation experience with us and therefore we like to pull out all of the stops. Our company offer an extensive list of professional and affordable TN12 removal services for everyone in the TN12 area. No matter what size property you are moving to or from, or whether or not you are relocating from a commercial or domestic property, we are always here to assist you with the next important steps. Book a TN12 move with us now by calling 020 3970 0488 for more details.

Paddock Wood and Staplehurst are both areas of Maidstone, England. Paddock Wood is a civil parish and small town in the Tunbridge Wells Borough and is situated in Kent. Paddock Wood is a relatively small town and has a population of around just 8, 250 residents. The area was once made up of only woodland and paddocks until 1847 when cottages began to be built, which is when the town underwent some development work. A new church was also built in the town in the 19th century and became known as St. Andrew's church. As the area began to get more built up in comparison to how it was when it was just woodlands, Paddock Wood also welcomed more residents who came to live here. It was here in Paddock Wood that the first speeding offence was committed in August 1896. The offender - Walter Arnold, was chased by a policeman riding a bicycle for driving his Benz motor car too fast at 8 miles per hour. The maximum speed limit in that area at the time was just 2 miles an hour, which explains why Walter Arnold was breaking the law. The case went to court and Walter was fined 1 shilling at Tonbridge Magistrates Court.

Staplehurst is a civil parish and large village. The village has around 6, 000 residents and is home to roughly 2, 600 households. Staplehurst is quite a large village and could almost be classed as a town if it wasn't for the fact that it lacked the basic facilities and amenities that would enable it to be classified as a town, such as a supermarket or leisure centre. There are however some shops and basic services which can be found in the centre of the village, which is often referred to as The Parade. Staplehurst has numerous little shops where you can buy many basic items, as well as a library, school, several pubs and a medical centre too. A major historical event for the village was the Staplehurst rail crash which happened in 1865. The famous English author Charles Dickens was on board the train when the crash happened and it is said that the crash affected him for the rest of his life. The first class carriage in which Dickens was travelling was one of the carriages which didn't go off track and therefore he survived. The experience of the crash formed the basis upon which he wrote his short ghost story, “The Signal-Man”. Moving TN12 man and van

Amazing Moves are here to offer you a tailor-made removals package to suit your time frame and individual requirements. We have years of experience in efficient and successful TN12 moves and now it's your turn to reap the benefits of choosing us. Don't forget to reserve a parking space prior to our visit so that we have a place to park our vehicle. Check out Maidstone's website for more information.
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Best removal service I have ever received in TN12! They transported all my belongings to my new home without causing any damage.

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