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KT10 removals

Tedious, stressful and expensive. These are just some of the words associated with office and home removals. Unfortunately they’re also common when describing experiences with their removal company. Arriving late, damaging furniture and out of date vehicles are examples of the kind of thing you can expect if you don’t choose your removal business carefully. But at Amazing Moves we don’t believe in excuses. Call our friendly customer service team on 020 3970 0488 and discuss our wide range of options, including but not limited to: Removal assessment, wrapping and loading, storage and cleanup. With the right people, equipment and planning there’s no traffic too congested, no furniture too large, no flights of stairs too numerous to stop us from doing our duty.

Although KT10 falls under the Kingston-Upon-Thames group of postcodes, it specifically refers to Esher, Claygate and Hinchley Wood, and comes under the London Borough of Elmbridge authorities. East of the River Mole and only 14 miles southwest of London, the district retains a prosperous and suburban feel. With the M25 nearby and the A3 running through the area, road access to your new home is simple and direct. If you’re keen for friends and family to come and visit there is plenty of public transport to accommodate; London Waterloo, Guildford and Woking are some of the destinations serviced by Esher, Hinchley Wood and Claygate rail station. There are also a number of buses operating in the area. Despite this thorough transport network, there remain plenty of green spaces like Sandown Park Golf Course and the beautiful Claremont Landscape Garden, the latter site is described by the National Trust as “one of the first and finest gardens of the English Landscape style”. The part of Claygate that falls under KT10 is surrounded by woodlands and open more open countryside, meaning that your prospective neighbourhood will be especially attractive if you’re a dog walker, jogger or otherwise enjoy outdoor activities. In keeping with the village atmosphere, a local farmers market is held every month, allowing vendors from all over Surrey to sell their locally sourced produce. If you’re looking for other distractions you can try the Cecil Hepworth Theatre and Riverhouse Barn theatres or the local Odeon cinema.

There are also plenty of stories to share about your new home. In the 16th century many of the local manors were taken possession of by King Henry VIII, a keen hunter, to expand his hunting grounds. Robert Clive, a British military man and political emissary, invested in the construction of Claremont Mansion. An impressive building in the heart of the Claremont Landscape Garden employed today as a co-educational independent school. Other fashionable inhabitants of the time included Queen Victoria, exiled French King Louis-Philippe and Lady Emma Talbot. More modern and musical celebrities include George Harrison of the Beatles and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees.  Don’t delay or sully your move to this distinguished local with an inexperienced KT10 removal company.

Pleasant, relaxing and good value. Those are the words that will come to mind when you remember your smooth move with Amazing Moves. All you need to do is get your hands on a parking permit by contacting the relevant authorities; for the Borough of Elmbridge contact their website. Whatever your KT10 removal needs we can accommodate, and by offering all these services in one place we keep our prices low. There really is no reason not to call, so pick up the phone and dial 020 3970 0488 today. Make this removal one to remember for all the right reasons.Moving KT10 man and van

KT10 removals
Moving House, Man and Van KT10 Removals
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Postcode Esher nearby postcodes KT6, KT7, KT8, KT9, KT11, KT12, KT22

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The movers' commitment to meeting all of our deadlines and providing exceptional service was evident throughout our move.

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Barrett J. Dunlop

Amazing Moves's staff are educated with a marvelous temperament and strong principles for work related activities. Their moving services bring about excellence on many levels.

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Lauren N.

I was just moving out of a rented property in KT10 and wanted to use affordable removal services. I didn't have to worry about that since the movers offered prices that fit my budget!

Rating: 4.5/5
Jason D.

I own a resale business, and sometimes I need to remove some bigger items that don't sell or whatever. I called Amazing Moves because my usual place was cancelled. They were some real professional movers and handled everything.

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Clem Hunter

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